Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In a New York State of Mind

This may sound crazy, but I always knew I'd fall in love with the Big Apple. I just never knew how much until now. Seriously, what is it about this city that makes me giddy? Well, I had the greatest time in NYC, and a majority of my time was spent alone. Blaine was in training all day, all week--and you know, I loved being on my own. I could be very selfish: do what I wanted, see what I wanted, shop where I wanted... you get the idea. It was just me and my iPod. Good times, man. I even happened across a free Alicia Keys concert. Perfect timing... Well needless to say, I took a butload of pictures. When Blaine and I were together, he was mostly laughing at me pulling out my camera every 3 seconds. I have no shame. Oh well, eh? Here's a very small portion of what I got... Enjoy.
Times Square!!!

I love this guy.

This is the Rockefeller Christmas Tree... veiled. I thought it was worth taking a picture of though.

Stupid strikers. We missed out on a Broadway show. Boo.
Awe... :)

Me... with Central Park in the background.

Handsome Blaine.
This building is where Cary Grant hangs out until midnight.

Empire State Building. This may make it to the Christmas Card '07.


The Columbus Memorial.

Just a cool street. Don't you think?

This is Central Park West. The second most expensive street in America to live on.

I always found myself looking up in this city. :)

I can't tell you what the name of this church is. I just thought it was beautiful.

So Blaine and I took this great dinner cruise around Manhattan island. It was so cool seeing New York City from the water.
Here's the Brooklyn Bridge. Love photoshop!

Another bridge shot.

City Lights.

Blaine and me out on the deck.

Oh, how I fell in love with Central Park! I took a few trips through this "wood within the city".
Here's a bunch more...


I completely lost myslef in the Met for a good three hours. I had such an amazing time wandering and staring. It was really incredible.

Yup. That's a real Mary Cassat at the end there.

So the part of the Modern section I REALLY wanted to see was closed. Panic! I've waited my whole life to see Klimpt, Monet, and Renoir and those idiots had it closed the day I was there. Frustrating. Oh well, at least I got to take this illegal picture of the famous shark. Cool.

I was enthralled with the sculptures here...I loved this one. I took MANY more pictures, but am trying to hold back. "Trying" is the key word here.
Thanks for placating me everyone. I heart NY.

Oprah fans are nuts!

So I was trying to watch NYC's The Early Show on DVR today, because I happened to see a taping of Alicia Keys while I was there... so cool... I'll talk more about it in my New York trip post.
Anyway, while I was navigating my way through the channels, I happened across Oprah. Now I really don't have anything "against" Oprah per se, but I don't buy into the whole Oprah world. I know she's a great humanitarian, and she's done amazing things for all kinds of charities and what-not, but if you ask me she is a little full of herself, and her fans are f-ing NUTS!
Which leads me to my point: The show that just happened to be on today was the infamous "Orprah's favorite Things". Now I know these people were not expecting to walk away with all the gadgets and gizmos they did, but C'MON!!! I've never seen a more crazy bunch of people ever! (Except for maybe the whole N*Sync Phemonemon. HA!)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Warning: Sentimentality and Cheesiness ahead.

Okay, this facial hair is not usually a part of Blaine's normal-everyday-look (Thank Goodness!) but it was Halloween, and I figured it was as good a time as any to give my husband the green light of having fun with his hair. I guess we girls try out hair dye, bangs and headbands... why not let him have his fun?... As long as it only lasts a day or two. Am I right, Karin?

I know I am a little cheesy, but I adore my husband. I could make a list that would exceed all your lists of reasons why he is the bomb (and I have-- I love lists!), but I won't here. Most of the reasons I think he is perfect for me lie in the everyday stuff, i.e. : I am just so comfortable with him and we have so much fun together... I love his humor-- he has such a quick wit, and makes me laugh all the time. But, probably the biggest reason is that Blaine allows me to be me. I feel like the best version of myself when I am with him... it's like coming home when we are together. And I know that is such a cliche-- I'm sorry!

I was talking to Ang the other day about this phenomenon, and we both realized that when we were single, we liked to have more alone time than we do now. Whether it was writing in my journal or driving up the canyon, I found that I needed time to be on my own and feel close to my own feelings...while I still have "Alicia time" every now and then, it's not the same. Now when I want to have that closeness, I have Blaine. He understands me like no one else can, and how cool is that?

My mom and I were talking about timing the other day-- it was a great conversation and so much of it pertains to my topic here, but since I've already over-shared (it IS my best worst habit), I'll tell you all a little about a Father's Blessing my dad gave me when I was really down and out, and feeling lonely. This was about three months before I stalked and found Blaine again--yes, I said stalked :) (another great story that most of you know... but way too long to add here). Basically my dad told me that I needed to be patient, and that I could NOT "settle". Let me tell you all that I did not "settle" with Blaine. I am constantly blown away at just how much I didn't "settle"... It's wonderful!

So sorry to be all sentimental and gooey, but I just love him! I never thought I could be this happy... *sigh* Blaine is leaving tomorrow morning to fly to NYC for a business trip and I will join him late Tuesday night. I'll be calling in "sick". I've never been to New York and I figured this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Plus, I just don't know if I can stand being away from him for longer than the one night I already will. I am so pathetic.

Don't worry, I'll be posting this trip, I promise!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Christmas . . .er Bathroom visitor

Maybe I should preface this picture with the fact that I have nothing against children or their inquisitive behavior. Now on with my rant.

I was shopping for a bathroom today at work. I'm not sure if anyone else does this but within walking distance from my desk there are three distinctive men's rooms. I'll list them in order of preference starting with the worst.

1. "Employee" bathroom. This bathroom is your standard men's room that smells like a cross between wet dog, urine, and a Jr. high locker room. Let's just say it is a last resort to a desperate situation. I've never actually "hovered" as my wife calls it, but this bathroom has caused me to consider the action more than once.

2. "Flying solo" bathroom. This bathroom is sort of an anomaly in the workplace. It's a single user facility with a series of 3 doors to get in, the last of which locks. Hence, your forced to "run the gauntlet" to even find out if someone is occupying said bathroom. Usual etiquette would dictate that if the bathroom is currently being utilized that you continue shopping but some like to camp by the door like it's the line for U2 tickets. Hence, if your going to be taking your time it can be awkward facing everyone with strained looks on the way out. Only slightly better than option 1.

3. "VIP/visitor" bathroom. This bathroom was somehow designated for customers or important visitors. This means it is cleaned more than once a month and contains sinks that don't resemble something from a men's correctional institute. Whenever an employee walks in and catches the eye of another fellow employee coming out, a secret bond has been formed. Both nod like they are agreeing on a mob hit and never mention a word about the encounter.

The last bathroom is by far my favorite but can sometimes be tricky to get into. This will be the setting of my visitor incident. I was lucky enough to get the handicapped stall where there is always a newspaper left for people to read. It's like being at home. I was taking my time and reading about the TV writer's strike when I became aware that I wasn't alone in not only the bathroom but my inner sanctuary known as a stall as well.

Another employee had brought his two children into the bathroom and was cheering on his son occupying the stall next to me while his daughter was doing the same for me. She had poked her head under the wall and was peppering me with questioning looks.

I'm going to stop here and ask, where was her father during this conversation? Is this something that is not only acceptable to their family but encouraged? Either way, I pulled the deer in the headlights look as I lowered my paper to find a toddler staring straight at me. The conversation went as follows:

Blaine: Uh . . .
Toddler: . . . .
Blaine: Can I help you?
Toddler: . . . .
Blaine: Where is your daddy?
Toddler: . . . Well my real daddy ran away with a dancer named "Bambi" but this man takes care of me anyway.

Ok, that last line was fabricated, but you get the idea.

Eventually she wandered away from the peep show and her dad never mentioned the event. He might have even been oblivious to the incident. I am however scarred for life picturing this girl as the harbinger of doom in every restroom i now visit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Voting Day

Well it's November 7th... the day after "voting day".
I'll be honest with everyone, I've never been this passionate about an issue before. I guess I'm getting old. Blaine and I felt very duteous as we went to the polls last night. Both of us were suprised at the numbers out voting, as well as our elation in doing our "civic duty." It was kind of cool.
So the good news (to me, at least) is that Referendum 1 failed in the polls yesterday. Hooray! Those that talk to me often know this has been a heated topic for me for quite a while. Needless to say, I am a happy girl.
What I find myself dissatisfied with are the results of the East/West district split. Being a west-sider for a majority of my life, I realize that I'm a little biased. I've felt the wrath of a certain "east-side-mentality" on several occasions that I find ludicrous. However, there is also prejudice on the flip side too--I'm not naive enough to be blind to that fact. I just don't understand what Utah and Jordan School District are going to gain by empasizing this mentality and going ahead with this division.
The worst part of it all is that yesterday, only the East could vote on the issue. The West had no say. Hmmm... interesting. Well, apparently, there are lawsuits in the works now, and this is an issue we haven't seen the last of yet.

P.S. (On a lighter note) Very intersting results on the "favorite season" poll last time. :) Overwhelmingly, fall is everyone's favorite season...and NO votes for either spring or winter? Wow!