Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A few things I am digging right now:

1. Fringe. Aside from my sometimes hatred for the main character, Olivia, I love this show! I love love all the characters {especially Walter and Pacey--er, I mean, Peter}. We just finished up the first season and can't wait to start season two.

2. Ulta brand cream blush. This stuff rocks and is wicked cheap! Like, $4.00. Yeah, I'm serious.

3. Fall apples. *sigh* apples and peanut butter ... be still my beating heart.

4. Castle. If you haven't watched this show yet--you really really should. It's fun, cheeky, and stars Nathan Fillion.

5. Joel McHale. I love this man. The Soup. Community. I love that he makes fun of everything that is wrong with TV.

6. Harry Potter. Yeah... I'm finally reading the series for the first time and am loving it.

7. Ben Folds. My brother, Matt made me his version of a "best of" cd and I am kind really digging Mr. Folds. He rocks.

8. Watching E.R. while feeding Jake breakfast in the morning. It used to be Las Vegas for us... it even got to the point where Jake would stop whatever he was doing at stare and laugh at the Elvis theme song... but TNT changed their morning line-up and now we are really into the drama of E.R. We'll see how it goes.

9. The changing weather. Man, was I ever ready for summer to be over. I swear, the older I get the more crabby I get about the heat. I LOVE fall. Seriously, I love it.

10. Jake's constant babbling. He really thinks he is talking to us and I cannot get enough of it. I love the inflection he makes with his little voice and how he is trying so hard to say "Daddy" and "shoe". Adorable.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jakey's Party

Jakey's official birthday party was on the 10th. His actual birthday is the 2nd, but since we were in Washington, we waited until we got back to Utah.
Opening presents... I love the look on Jake's face. We got him this sweet stuffed doggy and are so pleased he adores it. That's his real reaction. So cute.
The cutest little pleather jacket ever {from Laurel and Michelle}.

Jack man.

Markelle and Michelle.
Scotty and Kaiya.
I love this picture-- the look on Jake's picture is classic. He just can't figure out why Isa isn't letting him play with his new toys from Nona and Grandpa.

Jake with his new farm!

Poor Jackson got a little sensitive during toy time. I love this little guy. He has a tender soul.

Stripped down to a diaper and ready for his birthday cake.

That's a messy boy.

Ashley and Jeff
Scott, Megan and me trying the new jacket on Jacob. He's such a good sport.
Scotty workin' with what Jake's got.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Great Northwest

We've been home for a while now, but these pictures deserve documentation.
We had a great time in The Great Northwest... Jake officially turned one, we hit up Cannon Beach, Astoria, the Goonies house, Portland, the Portland Art Museum, and even Seattle.
I know that I'm a little more than biased about the Northwest area, but this really is the most beautiful part of America.
 Jake and Daddy blowing out his candle. He didn't care much for the coconut in the German Chocolate Cake my mom made.
Opening presents.

The Columbia River in Astoria. This was pretty much our view during lunch at the Wet Dog Cafe--best fish n' chips ever!
Blaine and Jakey

Our waitress at "Wet Dog" told us we had to check out the sea lions and we are so glad we did. Look at these beasts! She told us that the fisherman really don't like them because they eat the bellies out of the salmon and leave the fish to rot. They tag the lions and put them out at sea, but these dudes make it back to port before the people who tagged them do. Crazy.

Just a pretty bed and breakfast in Astoria. This city has such charm.
Okay, this is not the Goonies house {my Goonies house picture turned out really crappy}, but this house is the reason we ever found the Goonies house in the first place. When Val, Becca, LaChae, my mom and I first came to Astoria {ten years ago!}, we talked to the lady who lives here, she gave us Craisens, showed us her really, really old car, talked all about when she met Steven Spielberg, and pointed us in the right direction. Thanks lady!
Self portrait on Cannon Beach... my beach, actually.
The funny thing about the self portrait is that you usually get someone else to feel bad for you and offer to take your picture. Thanks man!
Just admiring Haystack Rock.
Funny boys.

My mom and this fatty were pals while we walked on the beach for a while.

Okay... um this is my baby brother with his buddies, Tanner and Daniel. They are hilarious. They came downstairs dressed to kill and I took about a thousand pictures. Well done, boys. Well done.

This one is blurry because we got ambitious and tried the sport shot feature on my camera. A little blurry without the flash, but I had to post this one. It's classic. I love Matty {even in a wrestling onsie--where did he even get that?}
My parents took Jake for a night so Blaine and I could go into Portland and eat at Portland City Grill. It was amazing. The food was freaking great and the view was killer. We counted eight bridges from our table's view.
There's totally a glare through the glass, but you get the idea. We got the see the sun set and everything. I just love the Portland waterfront.

Now, there's a handsome boy.
Little Jake trying to play my mom's piano. Too cute.

Seattle. This is such a cool city. I love it!
Blaine got tickets to a gamers convention up there, so my parents were awesome enough to drive us up and stay the night. My dad was even great enough to shop Seattle with my mom and me all Saturday... well, Jake loved Pop Pop's company. Who else was going to carry him around on his shoulders while we hit H&M?
The original Nordstrom. There it is.
Jake with Dee Dee and Pop Pop.
Jakey loves my dad... it was really sweet to watch them together.
Just some more city shots... I got nothing on Pike's Market. It was too insanely crowded to walk and shop, let alone take pictures. My mom and I made the venture, but the stroller stayed with my dad and Jake. Oh well... next time.