Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instagram Recap

 Rolling down the hill. (And not into traffic. I made sure.)

 All worn out from a day at the pool.

 Jakey--playing trains and fixing some lunch.

 My little lefty-artist.

 My little dainty girl.

 I'm so glad I finally read this. And the cover art is fantastic. (I love you, Ray.)

 Sarah became a little obsessed with Grandma Molly's neighbor's cats.

 She wouldn't stop... and these dang cats kept coming back for more.

 My favorite comment on this picture was from my friend, Jaana: "Kitty love meeeeeeeee!" lol

 Escaping for about five minutes up the tree.

 Self explanatory and sooooooo awesome.

A look at one of the many fires this summer. This one was right by our house (although this was taken on 126th). And this one had me pretty worried. It must have been all the falling ash and local news teams all over the neighborhood. I even packed up the kids just in case we had to evacuate in the middle of the night. Luckily, it was put out quickly and the bigger fire in the canyon was well-contained also. We love our fire-fighters!

 At the Herriman reservoir with Markelle and crew. (Although the water level was a little low due to all the fire-fighting.)

 At our pool with Castellanos. Love this little girl of mine.

 *sigh* The beginnings of our backyard make-over. Actually, can you call it a make-over if there was never anything to begin with? There will be more pictures of this, but nothing final until next summer. As in, 2013. Yikes.

 Future patio.

 Chandelier and ceiling at Capitol Theater. I love this building.

Really dark, crappy picture of me and the mister at Wicked (and the best night out I've had in forever! Seriously, I am still dreaming of my Filet Mignon at Flemings.)

Oh, Wicked! Seriously, sooooo amazing. We went a couple years ago too but our seats and our Elphaba were killer this time around. I just love this show.

 This is what bored looks like at our house.

 Sunday dinner rolls. Finally! I got 'em right thanks to Laurel.

Pretty rainstorm and a pretty rainbow. I love this weather.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Jake was much more cooperative than Miss Sarah was during today's attempt but to be fair it was nap time.
Man--my kids are cute.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

These Kids and Stuff

For the sake of being more "blog-oriented" (what, it's totally a thing), I snapped a few pictures of my kids the other day.
And--I'm even blogging about it. (I know. Awesome, right?)
Anyway, we've been pretty busy this summer. At least I think we have... then I think about it herder and all I feel is really, really lazy. Weird.
Either way, it's been a fun summer so far. And I know we still have August, but I can't help but long for Fall.
Every year I get like this. Yet, it seems that each year it hits me a little bit sooner than before. I hate the heat. There. I said it. I hate it. I am aching for open windows and crispy breezes. For cinnamon, apples, pumpkins, and vanilla. For orange and black. For boots and beanies and scarves and layers. Oh! For layers!
But I am getting ahead of myself. This week, I plan on at least two pool days and maybe even one at the reservoir. Gotta build up that cancer layer before we head to the beach next month. (Yay!)
Anyway, these kids are so awesome. They are my whole world and despite my crazy Mom moments, I really like them. Like, a lot.

Jake is getting so old. He will start pre-school in the Fall and it's really freaking me out.
He has this hilarious little sense of humor and I love his laugh. His entire face lights up and eyes literally sparkle. He's very social and loves to talk to everyone. And, I do mean everyone. Complete strangers, even. (Gotta watch this kid all the time.)  He's so smart. Our pediatrician told me he seems to have a very mechanical mind and truer words couldn't have been spoken. Jake is very much like his Daddy and he loves to know how things work. His latest favorite show is "How it's Made". Dead serious.
He's also proving to be a great big brother. It's not always sunshine and rainbows between Jake and his sister, but he sure knows how to take care of Sarah.
Jake's a great little pal. I'm so happy he's my little pal. He is also my little singer. He sings all. the. time. Seriously... it's adorable (and only a little annoying to hear the "Cars 2" theme song day in and day out.

Sarah is hilarious. She is turning into quite a little lady and loves anything resembling a "pretty dress". She's playing with her dolls more and more and is obsessed with babies. She has an adorable little laugh and kills me with her big eyes. She's also pretty cuddly and melts my heart pretty much daily.
She's stubborn. Really stubborn--but sometimes, I think that quality is endearing too. She talks all the time. Like, non-stop and we almost always know what she is saying. Our pediatrician even wrote down a sentence she said at her last check-up because she was so impressed with Sarah's verbal communication. I'll admit--I was pretty proud.
She loves her big brother and has the nick-name of "Donkey" around here... she's always following Shrek, er-- Jake around. She'll do anything he asks of her and it's really kind of adorable to watch them play together.
She's turned into such a daddy's girl lately and it's so fun to watch. I just love how much my kids lover their daddy. *sigh*

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jake Says:

Last night while eating dinner:

Jake: Something is troubling me.

Blaine: Did he just say something is troubling him??

Me (laughing): What is troubling you, Jakey?

Jake: I am sitting on something.

Me (after I settled his booster seat troubles): How's that?

Jake: Much better.

This morning while Blaine and I were still in bed and Jake was still dealing with his difficult night and morning:

Me: [...] Jake, what do you have to say for yourself?

Jake: (without hesitation) I'm sorry, Jake... (laughing) There, I said it to myself, Mommy.

This kid has some serious wit. And he doesn't even know it yet.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Instagram Recap

I am a big hater of Picasa today... I can't get this lame collage thing to work to save my life. That being said--it's high time I updated this sad blog-o-mine and my Instagram pictures are the best way I know how. These tiny pictures are a little pathetic... but then again, trying to make this work in my current state is equally pathetic. So, here we go.

Little Mommy * Jake's so cool he's gotta wear shades (at Nona's pool in NM) * Freaky Alfie * NM drivin' * Doug and Sean's latest pool game * Sarah on the 4th * Sleeping Sarah on the family room floor

My new haircut and color * Sarah Sweetheart * Two hats, Two purses, no pants * Jake on the 4th * Elise lost her tooth! * Snacks, naps, and Sex and the City * Hair with Jen Scott 

Chills * Strater Hotel in Durango * Cousins and popsicles *  Cousins and Play dough * Sarah walking the plank * Star Wars movie night * Little gardener 

Red Robin * Waiting for Daddy to come home * Riding the kid train * Red Maple Chinese * Chili's "All Done, Me!" * Swinging at Molly's * Our Temple 

Honey-Lime Chicken Enchiladas * Walker kids sick with the PLAGUE * NM drivin' * Sarah loving on cousin baby Emma * Procrastination * The "before picture" * Guilty pleasures

Jake and his Star Blanket * Movie night in the basement * Sarah's princess shoes * Jake's new ipad accessory * Hill Aerospace Museum * Digging for Treasure in Molly's sandbox * Mantle

Little boy Matt who looks a lot like Jake * 24th fireworks on Tangle Hill * Doug and Sean's pool festivities * Lunch at home * Kid position * Kaiya's dance recital * Pool time with the Hadleys

My little Tech Geeks * More NM pool party * Horsey Rides * Costco hot dogs * Sarah and her three suckers * Watering with Nona * "Don't tip the can!"

Si Senior's chips n' salsa * New road! * Cousin time with Kemptons * bath * Happy Birthday, Blaine * Stormy in New Mexico * My everyday uniform

Twins * Watermelon * Van sneaking candy at the park * Best. Syrup. Ever. * Red Iguana * Otter-Poppin' on the porch * IKEA with Alison

Meatballs with Alison * Annie and Zoe playdate * Door-stop * repeats...