Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I sometimes get a little flack for loving John Mayer. I know he dated Jessica Simpson. I try to forget it sometimes but it did happen. I should just get over it already.

He also makes music. Good music. But this one is my favorite.

Continuum is killer. It's bluesy and romantic and a little bit hopeless. I love it. And today it's the perfect antidote for me. Music is my personal healer and today John delivered. I got to listen to it and take a shower all by myself today while Blaine took the kids to Home Depot (and brought home Chili's chips and salsa!) and it was heaven... Make fun all you want-- just promise you'll give this album a good, hard listen. It's a good one.

Monday, February 27, 2012


February 14th was pretty great at our house. Jake, Sarah, and I put together a treasure hunt for Daddy.  I asked Jakey what he loves to do with Daddy, and this is what he came up with... We wrote them up and hid them all over the house. It. Was. Awesome.

  • Playing a game of Hide and Seek in the basement together.
  • Watching Cinderella and Thomas with Daddy.
  •  Playing Trains with Daddy upstairs in my room and downstairs in the basement.
  •  Going to Home Depot with Daddy.
  •  Filling up the water and looking at trains at Walmart with Daddy.
  •  I love it when Daddy comes home and I’m sad when he goes to work.
  •  I love going to Disneyworld  and Disneyland with Daddy.
  •  I love to make dinner with Daddy.
  •  I love when Daddy makes me pancakes.
  •  I love visiting Daddy at work and giving him treats.

The balloons were my contribution... favorite memories tied to each balloon.  I won't share those... too embarrassing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Isabel is FIVE

I can't believe that my first niece is seriously five years old. It kind of blows my mind.
This year, Isabel requested a "pirate princess" party and in true Laurel fashion, the party was off the hook.

Birthday girl.

An awkward photo op.

Classic Blaine face.

Some guests playing a little mood music.

Robyn and Brett.

Oh, Scarlett.

F'mazing cookie ice cream bowls and cupcakes.

Love a good photo bomb.

Laurel made up a treasure hunt for the kiddos. She put numbers up around the house and set up little stations for eye-patches, earrings, tattoos, a pirate ship with a walkin' plank, and finally a treasure chest with booty-bags.

Jake was in heaven and in full character all night. He called Laurel and I, "Captain Laurel" and "Captain Mommy". It was awesome.


Getting tattoos.

Couldn't resist a drunken sailor Kaiya.

Poor Benny was not having the tattoos.

I wish these pictures turned out better. Laurel and Jason set up the ship in their theater room with pirate music playing and an east coast live feed on the big screen.


Walking the plank.

Oh, Ben.

That's better.

Captain Laurel opening the treasure chest for the little pirates.

A little blurry, but Sarah's excited face is priceless.

Already dripping in jewels.

Kaiya gearing up.

Jake came home with at least six of these telescopes. I asked him why he had so many and he said, "Sorry, Mommy. I took them from the other kids." *sigh*

Scarlett diving in head first.

Is it weird that I want one of these mini-coopers for myself?

Checking out Isabel's loot.

Showing off her presents.

Showing off her cheeks.

Getting ready to blow out candles.

Happy birthday, Isabel.