Thursday, August 30, 2007

Viva la resistance . . . to pants!!!

During a recent water cooler conversation with a colleague, the following story was relayed.

Our vice president (Sean) was walking one of our hallways lined with offices when he started a casual conversation with someone coming the opposite way. During this conversation, Sean leaned on what appeared to be a closed office door. To his ultimate dismay and horror, it was not and swung wide open when leaned upon.

Inside was a new mother sitting casually at her desk with her blouse unbuttoned and a mechanical breast pump attached and pumping away. He quickly apologized, closed the door and went straight to her supervisor, the colleague telling the story.

This woman still works there today, and I will often snicker when walking by that office. This leads me to my point. If she was able to keep her job after this incident, why on earth should I be subjected to wearing pants?

At what point in our so called civilized society did wearing pants become the norm? Somehow pants became such a staple of our existence, that phrases associated with power were coined around pants. For example, "who wears the pants in your marriage?" Who cares if you’re wearing pants, everyone is. Now to show real power, the phrase should go, "who is wearing NO pants when the in-laws are over?" Oh, how the authority just oozes from that statement.

I for one, feel that pants are hindering our productivity both in the workplace and the social arena. Some of my most brilliant moments have occurred whilst free of pants. Some naysayers may inject, "why don't you wear shorts, they aren't as binding as pants?" Let’s be honest here, shorts are simply a stop on the train to "No Pantsville".

So, say so long to the slacks. Kick off the khakis. And leave the Levis at home. I'm making casual Friday truly casual, and sticking it to the man at the same time, the pants man that is.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Too many pillows!!

10 pillows are on the bed, can you find them all?

I was recently on a business trip to San Fransisco and had the good fortune to stay at the Luxurious (overpriced) Le Meridien hotel. Upon arriving at my 10th floor room, the first thing I notice is the extrenuous amount of pillows arrayed on the bed. For a second I thought I was at home but upon examining the prices associated with a 7.5 ounce bottle of macadamien nuts, I realized I was far from it. This leads me to a few questions.

1. Why???? What is the motivation to cover a perfectly good bed with enough pillows to construct a fort without actually making said fort? If the maid would have created a maze to go through to get into bed each night, I would have asked for even more pillows to be used. Unfortunately the descending size method was used which somewhat resembled this Brady Bunch picture.

2. At what point during the Industrial revolution did someone come up with the price of a "Throw" or decorative pillow? Maybe if there was a grundle of electronics inside the pillow, I could accept the reasoning for a $50 price tag.

Case in point.

Good ole Teddy Ruxpin. Now if every pillow in our house could do such things as lip sync to cassette tapes, I would be first in line to purchase more pillows. We could even start up a Ruxpin army.

3. Are pillows now sold in the same denominations as hot dog buns? Is there some new marketing ploy I'm not aware of that only allows pillows to be purchased in packs of 8-10? If true, I sure hope plasma tvs aren't far behind.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Man oh man--TEN YEARS!
So I didn't go back to my 10-year as a profesional killer, (Grosse Pointe Blank...if you haven't seen it, DO!) and there was no impromptu dance-off, but I am here to say I survived my first high school reunion, and it was great!

9 am pedicures, a day of shopping, trying on (and re-trying on) clothes and we finally made it to our reunion. I am so glad I went. It is great to see your old friends happy... Here's Katrina, me and Rochelle. I am elated we are all still such good friends. What would life be like without them?

Most of my high school memories have Valerie Springer (Richards) in them. And I wouldn't have it any other way. (Becca, we are still mad you didn't come!)

Jeff and Katrina came in from California for the big event. Jeff was nice enough to hang out with Blaine all night while I was flitting around catching up.

Some buddies from school days. Kristen, Marianne, Jami, Katrina, me, Jody and Rochelle.

Cho and me. I love this girl!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Girl time"

I spent a couple nights at Laurel's house while Blaine has been out of town in San Fransisco. We had a blast hanging out, shopping, going to lunch, playing with baby, and watching movies our husbands would rather stab thier eyes out than actually sit through... it was awesome!

Here's Isabel hamming for the camera and showing off her super cute outfit. I LOVE HER!
Michelle, Laurel and I went to lunch with cousins Robbie, Karin and kids (James, Anna and Elizabeth). Since I moved to The Great Salt Lake, I miss seeing my other family. Yay, Kemptons!

So, I don't know everyone's thoughts on Travolta in drag, but I promise, this movie is great! There are few movies in my life that have left me skipping out the front doors, still singing the soundtrack in my head (or sometimes out loud)... What a Girl Wants and Love, Actually come to mind... Movies that are so fun and so good, you call your mom in the car on the way home.
Two thumbs way up... fine holiday fun.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Teen hearthrobs I missed

So I am sitting here with Rojo (Laurel) and we are talking about all the dreamboats I left out of my poll/quiz. I am ashamed and amused by my lack of recall, and I am ready to remedy the situation by listing seven more of some of the best "boyfriends" for teens everywhere...

1. Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)... Who didn't want to date Ferris? I think I still have a crush on him.
2. Preston Meyers (Can't Hardly Wait)... I obsessed over him in this movie for years.
3. Murray (Clueless)... I called Donald Faison "Murray" up until I got obsessed with Scrubs. Now he will forever be known as "Turk."
4. Ian Wallace (What a Girl Wants)... I know I was way too old to LOVE this movie, and I really pay more attention to Colin Firth when I watch it. (Yeah I said watch, as in present tense. Don't judge me.)
5. Oliver Pike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)... This one is mostly for Kendee. :)
6. Brand Walsh (Goonies)... Hello! "Slip her the tongue Brand!"
7. Moondoggie (Gidget)... One of the first and BEST teen movies in history would never have been the same without a certain surfer and his cuddly red hoodie.

Okay, so tell me--let's see your lists.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lost, Lost, Lost.

Okay, okay. I know I'm saying this is way past the actual season ended, but we just finished season three of Lost the other night, and after almost a whole summer of cramming three whole seasons in (thats 72 episodes!), I am now free to discuss it.
So, here's what I've decided:

Kate--HATE. I've never witnessed a more fickle and pathetic character. Sometimes I just feel bad for her, but mostly I'm just frustrated.

Sawyer--LIKE. It took me while to come around, but there it is. Plus, he's freaking hot.

Jack--LOVE. He's a constant, stable character. And though sometimes he makes me angry, you gotta love Jack.

Locke--HATE. I began loving him. He was my favorite character. But now he just pisses me off.

Hurley--LOVE. Who couldn't love Hurley, I mean really?

Charlie--LIKE. I would say love here, but too many episodes were spent with me thinking "You Freaking Idiot!"

Jin--LOVE. The more I know, the more I love.

Sun--LOVE. Even though we find out she lied to her husband... hmmm.

Juliet--LIKE. I like her okay... like.

Sayid--LOVE. He's a bad-ass and he is almost always right.

Desmond--LOVE. He's Markelle's favorite character, and for good reason. Plus he's scottish, and that's hot.

Ben--HATE. But that's what we're supposed to do, right?

10th ward reunion!

Holly, me, Bishop Richards, and Melis...
Thanks to Jen and Tawni, we had a little get-together at Bishop Richards house for the old gang. It was really fun seeing old friends again. And for those of you who may be wondering, yes--Matt Giles still looks like Ralphy from The Christmas Story.