Friday, October 29, 2010


I know... two posts in a row without baby Sarah. Oh well, I don't think she would have preferred trains and pumpkins for her naps anyway.
Last night, (after a rough day at the Insta-Care with a dislocated elbow) we had a great time carving pumpkins with Jake. He was a little squeamish at first about pumpkin guts, but ended up playing with the seeds and loved it.
It's pretty fun watching Jake understanding holidays and enjoying traditions. I can't wait to see him trick-or-treating.

Here are our happy pumpkins.
I think they are perfect.

Even though my settings have been a little off and most of my recent pictures are grainy.

Choo Choo Train

This is our version of a choo choo train: and it only cost just over one-hundred dollars.
Oh well... Jake loved having his very own train right in his very own living room.
Thanks, Costco.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Don't you hate it when your mom leaves?
She wasn't here to see me... something about two of my sisters having babies a day apart bla bla bla... but I still get sad when she leaves.
Moms are the best.
And mine is the greatest.

I hope I'm half the mother DeAnn is.
She rocks.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To all the Yard Sale Fans out there:

My brother and his wife (Scott and Megan) are having a moving sale this Saturday.
Don't miss this great stuff for fantastic deals. Check it out!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A couple more... Dumb Dumb Dumb.

The author (she's talking about J.K. Rowling) makes it fun and interesting for everyone, she really lets your mind explore the magical world that everyone wants to live in. I realized that you need all the facts before you blame someone or do something to them that they do not deserve. Every person I used to be friends with did something like this to me that makes me hate them or not like them and it's the same with relationships with guys for example, there was this one kid I met over the summer and we talked every day for about three weeks before he told me how he felt about me and I told him how I felt about him but after a while of us being together he started making thins up and that's why we stopped hanging out together but his excuses were pretty serious he told me he had been stabbed the night before my birthday party so he couldn't come he also told me that he was moving to Orem, Utah, which neither of those stories were true he was just making up excuses so he could hang out with his other girl friend that I didn't know about. So finally I told him that I was sick of the lies because I knew they weren't true because I had been with him the night he got "stabbed" we were with his friends and his brother as well as a couple of my friends and he was the first to leave and I had texted him until he went to bed by then I was still awake. After he told me he was moving I asked him when and he said in two weeks because he wasn't going to be going to Alta but then turns out we had a class together so I knew he was lying to me that's when I ended it but I made sure I was making the right decision then when I confronted him about it he told me everything he had said was a lie and there was another girl he had been seeing as well as seeing me. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend and everyone I know!

I wish I were making these up.

Goosebumps welcome to camp green lake
The title of my book is Camp green lake. The author is the book is very well known R L Stine and there are 294 pages. The book is classified as a frightening book. To chill and scare readers. To scare the living hell out of them. well known horror story. Out of kids. It is classify suspicious thing. It really live up to you expatiation scared the hell out of me.
The main character name is Steve and a couple of his buddies mark and Alex and junkie .the base and the point of view of my story is that conflicts to are based on the main character mind. The behavior and reaction are based on he main figuring out the weird happening to camp green lake .like mark ending up missing .the behavior of the character is his actions towards junkie how weird she is to him. the realism and characteristics are trticale and no help.
To teach do not go to cap that freak you out .the dwelt that happens. No harsh works .the personal actions are conflicted to the characters of the books. No hell no freaks me out

My mind just threw up and I think my soul is dying. Help.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dumbed Down

I think I am getting dumber.
I have been grading book reports for a teacher I used to work with at Alta High (I am a reader for the English Department there), and seriously... my brain is twitching.

Seriously, I think the little Microsoft paper-clip dude that was "helping" this kid write their crap report bent himself into a tiny aluminum noose and hung himself... yeah, it's that awful.

Here's an excerpt (exactly as it was written):

I honestly believe after reading this book that the author's purpose is to build understanding of people, places to, entertaining, and to teach the reader a lesson. I think most great books will have all three. I think the main message of the book was o show you that you cant take life for grantee. And also everything will always get better if you just try, and love will fix everything. I think the author is defiantly a realist and I would have to say an optimistic person, I think the author has a very optimistic look on real life, things witch makes his books enjoyable and fun to read. What did this book theme make me think about? It made me think about giving people second chances because they can surprise you just like Ronnie's dad did, the real life experiences that remind me of this story is movies, books, TV shows, and maybe other people's life's. I don't think im old enough to experience love that she had for Will I also don't know what anyone who has gone through cancer to know anyone who has gone trough cancer to know what it feels likes nor will I give my dad a second chance. I couldn't really relate to the book in my real life.

Wow. I don't even know where to begin.
Twitch. Twitch.

And if you needed some more:

"This book so lived up to my expectations."
"Ronnie's character on the outside the way she appears is a tough girl how just dissent car anymore."
"Her dad is also diagnosed with cancer and is dieing witch is very sad."
"To personalize this conflict can be hard and easy. In my life I think ive only ever been mad at my mom once been really angry with my mom , but my friends made me happy and helped me get through it. Just liked Will did for Ronnie. I can't say cancer brought me and any or my parents closer but I think it's a good reason."


Please understand that I do not pretend to be a "good" writer. My writing is riddled with errors and I am always afraid of sounding like an idiot. I don't even want to think about how bad my papers were in high school. I'm sure my teacher passed around my Macbeth report to her English buddies in the faculty lounge and they all had a good laugh at my expense... and I do not blame them.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


If you know Blaine intimately, (and I hope you don't) you know that Blaine frequently sleep-walks.

It's usually funny. (Like the time he tried to change his pillow's diaper, or when he was searching for Jake's air. Yeah, I said air.)
Sometimes scary. (Like the time he thought he was Jack Bauer and was trying to get a "NAME!" out of me.)
And then occasionally hilarious. (Like the time he was telling me to "Come on!" and Legos were falling out of his sides and he was trying to keep them in and fly away.)

Anyway... this is how the other night's conversation went...

Alicia: Where are you going? *sighs* Honey, come back to bed.

Blaine: (As he gets out of bed frantically) I'm going to check on the kids and put them back in the box.

Alicia: No, honey. Just come back to bed.

Blaine: But I have to get them back in the box.

Alicia: I'll do it.

Blaine: You will?

Alicia: Yes, I will go put the kids back in the box. It's okay, I'll take care of it.

Blaine: Okay. Thanks.

Alicia rolls over and Blaine begins snoring.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October fun at Thanksgiving Point

Well, in the midst of all these babies being born within days of each other, The Carters were in town and we had ourselves some October fun.

We went to Cornbelly's (stupidest name ever) at Thanksgiving Point and had a blast.

I only wish I were a better photographer and could have taken some decent night-pictures. (Maybe Sean or Jen were luckier than me.)

Anyway, it was really fun. This is my favorite time of year.

Poppy (the horse) and his boys (the cow and pig).

Gosh, Sarah looks like her daddy.

I love that both Jake and Steve are saying "cheese!"

I know this picture is awfully blurry... but it's the only one that shows a little of Cornbelly's.
Plus it's cute of Nona and Jack walking toward the slides.

Jake was in heaven jumping on the trampoline.
His cousin, Jack was running everywhere trying to jump on all the different trampolines and Jake kept looking for him and screaming, "Where's Jack!?!" Jake was having the time of his life on the gigantic trampoline and just knew Jack was missing out. It was pretty funny.

Jake and Poppy.

Climbing on the trains.

Good times.

I've gotten in trouble before for not taking pictures of anyone else at events like these. Jen, Doug, Sean, I'm sorry. My camera was having issues and I was preoccupied. I will work on this and do better next time. :) I love you guys.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And finally: Scarlett Joy Richardson

Scarlett Joy Richardson
October 16, 2010
8 lbs. 19.5 in.

Can you believe these babies???
Three babies in four days.
And all three were early too. Hilarious.

Well, we are already in love with this baby girl, Scarlett.
She looks just like her sister, Isabel.
And even has a little bit of red in her hair like her mommy.

Well, with all these trips to Provo hospital lately, I have made friends with the two coolest nurses ever (thanks to Megan), Bri and Jodi. Jodi even gave me a water mug, since I didn't get one when Sarah was born. If you have had a baby at an IHC, then you know how awesome these mugs are... I was so sad I didn't get one that Markelle tried to buy me one at her hospital, (Thanks, Markelle!) but they wouldn't give in.
I love my shiny, new mug almost as much as I love my new niece and nephews. :)

Anyway, on to the pictures:

Here she is! You can't see the red (ish) hair color very well... but she is the spitting image of her big sister.

Dee Dee got into town in time to see the girls in the hospital together.

Laurel and Scarlett.

Laurel and Isabel.

Jason and Sarah.
(Gotta show off my own girl too.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Ben

I've got another nephew!! (Two weeks early.)

Benjamin Rawlins Walker.
October 15th, 2010
6.1 lbs. 20 in.

Mommy Michelle is doing great.
And Brad even has a new short cast so he can cradle his baby boy a little easier. :)

Isn't he perfect?

First beanlee from Megan.

Mommy and Ben.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello, World. It's Miles Kay Carter.

He's here!
October 13th, 2010
7.4 lbs. 19.5 in.

Markelle is doing great and baby Miles looks a lot like his daddy.
We love you already, buddy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am a quitter tonight.

I quit the HOA.

It has been the bane of my existence for a long while now.
I don't feel better yet, but I'm hopeful I will soon.

At least my husband's got my back.

Frickin' HOA.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Today, Blaine and I packed up the kids in search of this year's pumpkins. We began at Gardner Village. I thought they had a pumpkin patch... they don't.

While I love Gardner Village, it was a little crowded today. That's what I get for assuming everyone watches football but us.
I'll have to go to The Village again this season. I really do love that place.

Anyway, we headed to Pumpkin Point Farms in South Jordan and it was awesome. Jake was hilarious and loved every second of it.

Then, we went to Red Iguana for the most perfect Mexican food in Salt Lake City.
Really. It's that good.

All in all--a great Fall Saturday with the family.

She is so pretty, I can't stand it.

And so happy.

Two Carter kids.

Jake took this one of Mommy.
Time to dye my hair again.

At the patch.
There were these awesome tractors for kids to climb on.
Blaine and I laughed that this was Jake's personal version of Disneyland. He's been really into his "big trucks" book that showcases all kinds of trucks, tractors, etc. He knows all their names and recognizes them when he sees them.

Jake also loved picking out the pumpkins.

He kept picking them up and putting them in the wheelbarrow.

It was pretty adorable.

Even when he put a pumpkin in some stranger's wheelbarrow. Oops.

Sarah was just happy to be carried around.

That's my boy.

And, we're back on the tractor.

And Jake's found our car in the parking lot.
He's pretty happy to have it back in Utah. Although he is still talking about Karin's van.