Monday, December 30, 2013

Matt and Hannah Get Married

The day before Matt and Hannah's big day, the unthinkable happened. Hannah's dad had a massive heart attack while all the boys were playing basketball. His son performed CPR, his other son (and Scott) gave him a blessing, my dad called 911 and awaited paramedics, and he was rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible. He was then tested, operated on, and put into a cold coma for recovery. And while he missed the wedding, the most amazing miracles happened, and he woke up five days later. He was obviously sad to miss the wedding but happy for Matt and Hannah and is continuing to recover even as I type this up. Bret Clayton is an amazing guy and I can't say how happy I am about his health.
Now that all that is documented here for posterity (the two people who read this), on to the big day:
(which really was super awesome and great!)

Sarah was pretty happy about holding my flowers for me. (Which were gorgeous and all done by Laurel.)

I always love the pictures of the bride and groom right when they leave the Temple doors.


The match-makers.

Sarah really attached to Lisa during the wedding festivities. It was really sweet.

Kaiya was a cute flower girl too. :)

Kaiya and Nannie Belle.

Love this one.

Robyn wanted a couple picture of them. Here it is!

I love my Dad.

So much.

My Nannie.

Brett was nice enough to pretend that he didn't know I was taking this picture.

Hannah's family (the Claytons) is just amazing.

Sisters are the best.

Oh, I love this girl.

Jake and Daniel became fast friends during the wedding luncheon. When Jake saw his new BFF at the reception, he was more than happy about posing for the camera.

Jake still talks about his friend, Daniel.

Pretty Isabel.

...with her pretty mommy.

The happy couple.

Jakey killed me at the photo booth. He was really into it and kept asking me to take his picture.

He even wanted to play photographer and picked out these green lips for me. This picture cracks me up.

This one is totally my favorite. I think he is channeling his inner-Marley's Ghost.
I love him.

Happy Brad.

Sad Brad.

Kaiya and Sarah channeling their inner-Audrey Hepburns.

My mom and her friend, Susie.

I can't wait for these sweet cousins to be besties.

Laurel did such an amazing job with the flowers.


I loved Hannah's bouquet.

Hannah is so dang pretty. Good job, Matt.

Funny girls.

My favorite people.


Cute cousins.

All the Richardsons. :)