Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worst. Movie. Ever.

I should have stuck to my Jane Austen streak on my Tuesday movie night alone. Actually, anything would have been better than this garbage. Aside from John Krasinski's character (his was the only character with half a brain), every person in this movie is awful. No morality. No accountability. No redeeming qualities at all. Hate. Hate. Double hate.

How I Met Your Mother

I don't know why I hesitated to give this show a decent chance.
(I think it was the laugh-track.)
This show is how I have spent my TV-watching this summer. I love it.
(Well, this, and a lot of HGTV.)

Oh, Barney.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Waaaaaaay back at the beginning of the summer, Brett asked if we were interested in super cheap Bees tickets. Of course, we said yes, and then of course, we put it off until the end of summer. Anyway, we had fun with the family. I just wish I had pictures of more than just the kids.

Kaiya was pretty excited to sit by Jakey.

And show him her "stinky shoes".


Sarah checking out the game.

Oh, I love these little cousins.

Friday, August 26, 2011

So Glad When Daddy Comes Home


I followed Sarah upstairs from the basement the other day and this is what I found.

We are in trouble. She's a fearless climber. She's stubborn. She's adorable. And she's not afraid of me at all. I am still looking for a discipline solution that works for little Sarah.

Oh, help me.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jake Says:

I don't have this "scripted", as I wasn't there, but apparently Jake named all the leaders and other nursery kids Thomas names... I guess there was a Percy, Toby, Diesel, and Edward. (There really aren't enough cool girl trains, are there?)

Oh, and for the record, he's been calling himself Thomas for weeks now. He also calls me: Mavis, Blaine: Victor, and Sarah: Emily. 

*sigh* This kid...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh, Jane.

Another movie night for Alicia. Thank you Jane Austen and Emma Thompson. You are the epitome of feminism and intelligence and I salute you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, it's taken long enough, but we think that Sarah might have finally decided to do this whole "walking thing" after all. She is a pretty stubborn girl and has taken steps in the past, but as soon as we would cheer her on, she would pout and sit her little bum right down. {My girl, stubborn??? Whaaaah?}

Anyway, this is right before dinner. I think it's official. We have a walker.

Oh, and yes-- that's her saying, "cheese" and "shoes!" Pretty cute.

{That's also her carrying around Mom's Diet Coke bottle like it's her baby... but we really don't need to point that out, right?}

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Can

I got this picture from Candice yesterday. I don't know what makes me happier: the new can or the great friend who sent me a picture of it because she totally gets what Diet Coke means to me. Yay!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Looks like I spoke too soon about the whole moving thing.
Our "dream house" will have to keep sleeping for now... Lame sellers canceled on us last minute. At least the looking part is kind of fun. (Except that I keep on comparing everything to the "dream house." Ugh.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Valerie Sorensen

This beautiful woman is the mother of one of my best friends. She died unexpectantly and much too soon. I will miss her, but my heart hurts for my friend and her family.


Valerie Sorensen "Eternal Companion" Valerie Leah Timothy Sorensen, our loving mother, wife, grandmother, sister and daughter, passed away unexpectedly following knee surgery on August 13, 2011. Loved by all that knew her, Valerie was a caring person who truly blessed the lives of everyone she met. She was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in her ward in an array of callings ranging from Den Mother to Relief Society President. Valerie was born in Roosevelt, Utah, to Presley Val and Lucy Timothy on August 15, 1952. She was the oldest of seven children, and led a life of good example and service. She graduated from Kearns High School in 1970 where she met her husband, John Sorensen. The two started dating at SUSC, where they both attended college. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on November 12, 1971. They loved each other very much. Valerie and John started their life together in Cedar City, Utah, where they purchased their first home and started building their family. They raised their children in West Jordan, Utah and later built their home in Riverton. Valerie was an extremely talented woman who loved to scrapbook, sew, paint and do anything artistic. Her creativity brought joy to the lives she touched and made her house truly feel like a home. Loved ones received hand-made gifts and cards throughout the year that showed how much she loved them. In December 2010, Valerie retired after working 25 years for the State of Utah. She was a hard-working woman who excelled at whatever she did. Even after retirement, she did not slow down. She was always helping neighbors, tending grandchildren or visiting family members. Valerie loved to travel with her sweetheart, John. She liked vacationing at Bear Lake with her kids and grandchildren. She cherished her grandchildren and loved spending time with them more than any other thing in her life. She often said the reason she became a mother was to have grandchildren. Valerie is survived by her loving husband, John Mickael Sorensen; her four children: Mickael Gail (Allison), Stacy Leah (Robert) Haight, Becca Jo (Stewart) Brough, and Daniel John (Emi); six grandchildren: Jacob, Brooklyn, Eli, Nathan, Chloe and Knox; parents: Presley Val and Lucy Powell Timothy; siblings: Teresa (Steve) Foisy, Trina Timothy, Presley Timothy, Derk (Tami) Timothy, Melanie (Don) Mullen, and James Timothy; in-laws: Jane (Jim) Keech, Gaylene Didericksen, Carolyn (Chad) Rappleye, Susan (Eldred) Jensen, Jay (Virginia) Sorensen; and dozens of nieces and nephews. Upon passing from this life, Valerie was welcomed into the arms of her parents-in-law: Gail and Olga Sorensen; in-laws: Craig Wall, Marial Sorensen and Larry Diderickson; grandparents; and countless other relatives who preceded her in death. A viewing will take place Friday, August 19, 2011, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at McDougal Funeral Home, 4330 S. Redwood Road, Taylorsville, Utah. Funeral services will take place Saturday, August 20, 2011, 10:00 a.m. at the LDS Stake Center, 4501 W. 11800 S. Riverton, Utah, with another viewing at the church, 9:00 - 9:50 a.m. "We love you mom. Until we see you again, we'll remember that families are forever".


I watched this alone tonight, and wow... it did my heart and mind good.
I love this story and this version of it is breath-taking.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This little girl...

is developing the silliest little personality.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just what I needed

My friend, Allison posted this recently... It really struck me. So, I'm sharing.

Five Were Wise

Five of Them Were Wise by Walter Rane
While Sophie attended a summer program at Ballet West Academy, I found myself downtown one Monday with a solitary hour.  I almost just sat there in my car and waited, maybe read the news on my smartphone or called a friend to catch up.  Instead, I wiggled a couple blocks north of Capitol Theater to the LDS Conference Center and joined up on a tour of the building.  I've been in the building many times, and I go specifically for the artwork -- all original, varied, inspiring works.  This time, I was drawn to "Five of Them Were Wise" by Walter Rane, with the accompanying description:  

The Parable of the Ten Virgins is about those who have already accepted the invitation to follow the bridegroom -- Christ.  To have accepted the invitation is not enough; they must be in a constant state of preparation and readiness.  Walter Rane has painted a classic representation of the substance of the scriptural passage. (Matthew 25)

It reminded me of this piece by one of my favorite artists, J. Kirk Richards:

The Five Prepared by J. Kirk Richards

I hadn't read this story in some time, so I used the paintings as a springboard for my next Sunday scripture study.  This story, and its message of ever-readiness, is sometimes overwhelming to me, because I don't know which five I'd end up with.  I don't know that I'll ever feel my lamp is full.  I'm always trying, wondering if the little I can do won't add up to complete.  In my car accident, one thought in my mind was "There's still more I must do!"  This nugget from Spencer W. Kimball helped put the story into perspective for me:

“Attendance at sacrament meetings adds oil to our lamps, drop by drop over the years. Fasting, family prayer, home teaching, control of bodily appetites, preaching the gospel, studying the scriptures—each act of dedication and obedience is a drop added to our store. Deeds of kindness, payment of offerings and tithes, chaste thoughts and actions, marriage in the covenant for eternity—these, too, contribute importantly to the oil with which we can at midnight refuel our exhausted lamps.”  President Spencer W. Kimball

And so I'll continue -- drop by drop. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wheeler with the Ward

Friday night was our ward activity at Wheeler Farm. Of course, I didn't bust out the camera until our "nature walk" but these are worth posting anyway.

It's weird to me that this might be our last ward activity in Taylorsville. Okay, so we aren't always the best "joiners" when it comes to ward activities, but we plan to be in our new ward in Herriman. 

That's right--new house, new neighborhood, new ward. 
We are so excited.

Now, we just need a renter for our townhome. Any takers?

I love that Jake's hot dog is still on his little face.

Checking out the ducks.

Blaine and I laughed out loud when we saw this picture of Sarah girl. This "excited face" she pulls is new. I love it so much.