Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day in St. George

Blaine and I jumped on what might very well have been a "courtesy invitation" to St. George. It just happened to be raining in Salt Lake when I got her "wanna come?" text... how could a girl say no?

Michelle and Brad even offered us to cram into their ride on the way down. You can't really tell from this picture but there are eight people in this van. I'm so sold on a mini-van, by the way. Sign me up.

Swimming in the pool with Daddy.

Drying off in the sun.

Nap-time with Daddy.

Jake and Kaiya pretended to play the piano and even made up some hilarious and sweet songs about Jesus. For real.

Michelle taught the kids how to play "slap-jack".

It got pretty heated.

Michelle and Benny at the coolest park I've ever been to since Copperton.

My super-slider.

My rock-collector.

I swear... Cafe Rio tastes better in St. George. Must be it's original status. I haven't changed up my order at the Rio since I ordered my first meal here (in St. George!) in '99. Wow.

Nielsons Frozen Custard.


Jake's self-portrait on the way back home. It was a fun, quick trip.

And dare I say that I think my favorite part was sitting outside on the lawn during naps with Michelle reading my In Style and getting sun-burned? Yes. Yes, it was.

Friday, May 25, 2012


A while back I began watching Friday Night Lights (the series) with Blaine... Blaine lost interest ("too much drama"), and so a bit later I watched it alone. I just finished it last night (with Blaine-- don't let him fool you-- he loved it) and I'm so sad it's all over.

What a show! I've been told for years by many friends that I should watch it and that I would love it. Well, needless to say, it's all true. You just have to get past all the underage drinking and sex.

Aside for freakin' Julie Taylor (You're too good for her, Matt Serecen!) I loved every single character on this show. I was surprised and inspired often by many stories and characters: Jason Street trying to be a good father brought me to tears. Smash finally making it to college was so awesome it gave me chills. Matt Serecen emancipating himself from his parents to take care of his Grandma was heroic. Landry was a favorite from day one, but I loved his consistent nerdiness and hopeless romantic nature. Tyra--you're an inspiration and a rock star. Lyla-- way to stick to your dreams and go to the best college for you. Buddy Garrity was such a jerk so often, but he had his moments and really came through in the end.Vince was a big surprise for me... I loved his growth and his commitment to his mother. Jess-- next to Tami Taylor, you were my favorite female character. Luke Cafferty was the perfect all-American cowboy kid. Mindy and Billy Riggins were the perfect, lovable white trash Texas couple. I shouldn't even mention Becky due to her abortion, but she was lovable too. Tim Riggins-- you can have my babies (Blaine approves, actually)... Tim Riggins probably showed more growth than anyone else on the show. And finally, Eric and Tami Taylor-- I just love that there was actually a television show about a married couple who were never, ever unfaithful to each other, who loved and supported each other through everything, and who always put their marriage before anything else. Coach Taylor is the ultimate dreamboat and I kind of, really, really want to be Tami Taylor.

I should also mention that this show gave me an appreciation for football that I never thought I would have. I still don't understand the game like I should but I really admire the sport's commitment to the team, as a whole... at least that's what I've learned through TV and movies, anyway. :)

So there is: an embarrassingly detailed gush over a TV show that's been off the air for a pretty long time, now. Still, it rocked my world. I'll miss you, Dillon.
Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Instagram Recap

I've seen a couple friends do this... where they post a bunch of Instagram pictures on their blog... which is total genius. I have become an Instagram junkie (never thought I would love like I do), but I worry that my blog might be getting the shaft. The following is a little over-kill. I think I'd better do these re-caps more often. 
Anyway... love Instagram. Everyone was right. It rocks.

View from my front porch . Diet Coke Sunday shirt . Sarah playing telephone . Sarah swinging . Sunbeam songbird tree . Sarah playing on the porch . Happy birthday Markelle . Play-date with Molly in the basement

Overdue for a shower . Jake and his puzzles . Scarlett Joy . Trains! . Watching Thomas . On the way to Heber . Sarah using her stool as a boat . Sarah and Mommy in Daddy's socks.

Costco hot dogs with the Walkers . Disney World potato salad . Sarah broke my laptop . Digging in the white trash backyard . Happy birthday Sarah at City Creek .  Frozen yogurt at Chills .  The little girls at Isabel's pageant . Long lost friend, Jaana! 

More train time . more Daddy's socks time . Blaine and Sarah . More porch time . Sarah likes her breakfast . First major "yard" purchase at Home Depot . Jake checking out his band-aids .  Girls' night at my house with a lot of Diet Coke

Chalk Wall-E and EVA by Daddy . A fort and Peter Pan . More trees to buy and creative ways to get them home . Trouble . Sunday walkin' . Too lazy to fix these repeats... oh well.
Disney World Castle . the train at South Towne Mall . Magic Kingdom Main Street . Cinco De Mayo at Rubio's . Jake's Rubik's Cube . Disney World Hotel room view . Playing with "Poppy's book"

Fountain at City Creek . Jack and Jake . More porch time . More girls' night . Movie time at our house . Jake's green thumb . Driving home from Heber

Playing at the park . Sarah's melt-down . Porch time... again . Waiting out an upset tummy . Honey-Lime-Chicken-Enchiladas . My pretty Mother's Day Orchids . Sick Jakey and an empathetic sister 

Angry eyes . On the pretend airplane, packed up for pretend Disney World . Bath-time . Jake and Super Jack . German Pancakes . More pageant pics . Eclipse sunset at Brent and Markelle's 

Happy Birthday Laurel . More City Creek splash pad . Arrested Development . Sunday Ridin' . Chills... again . Rough afternoon at Target . Last picture--last repeat

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Laurel's birthday in Park City... No Boys Allowed

We've all been planning this little birthday weekend getaway for Laurel's 30th for a couple of months... Laurel knew all about it from day one. What she didn't know was that we were secretly plotting to get Mom here for the big event. It was a total surprise and a fantastically fun Park City retreat.

Mom, Megan and I drove up from Salt Lake and got to the restaurant early to be there, ready for the gals coming up Provo Canyon.
{BTW Blue Iguana is not as good as Red Iguana. Just sayin'.}

I'm sure Laurel thought I had lost my mind when she saw me waiting for her with my camera... until she saw Marmee. I love her reaction.

That's a happy birthday girl.

Laurel, Michelle, and Robyn ready to order.

The crew.

Michelle and I may have made/designed a miniature Pegasus for Laurel in celebration of Xanadu.

Push-up competition... completely impromptu and kind-of awesome watching my mom attempt to do.

I guess you had to be there... I promise it was funny.

Then, Megan and Robyn had to show up the rest of us and do about million with no sweat or ridiculousness at all.
The next day we all slept in, hit up McDonalds, then hit the outlets for some serious (kid-free) shopping. It was pure bliss.
All in all... a great time. I loved every second away from my everyday. Thanks for having a birthday, Laurel. I love you. 
{You rock.}

Sarah and Karley

These little girls are destined to be besties. 
They were born in the same neighborhood two months apart and their moms are besties as well.
We had ourselves a little play-date last week.
I'm not sure who loved it more--Sarah or me.

Pretty girlies.

Karley's face is killing me. :)

Mother's Day at Molly's

Mother's Day was pretty great. We had Steve and Chris in town and even got to spend some time at Grandma Molly's on Sunday after church.
These kids love Molly's trampoline... I had a hard time trying to focus my lensbaby lens. But these pictures are kind of fun, anyway.

 This is pretty typical Blaine face, actually.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Sarah is TWO!

This little girl turned two on Friday. Here she is eating birthday pancakes.
Her birthday party was Saturday night. We had family over (even Nona and Poppy!) and had a ball.

Jake and Jack sucking down Mint Juleps.

Party people.

Miles and Ashlee.

Jack and Brent.

Michelle and kids.

Hawaiian Sweet Roll Sandwiches.
So. Freakin'. Good.

Hey, birthday girl!

It's a good thing I haven't bought anything new for Sarah to wear in a while... because she scored big time on her birthday!

"Pretty dress!" from DeeDee and PopPop.

Sarah loves her new purse from DeeDee and PopPop so much that she had to bring it to church with her on Sunday.

New bike (her first bike) from Nona and Poppy.

Sarah's present from Mom and Dad. (It's a hit.)

Trying on her new princess shoes.

Doug and Van.

Two candles for the birthday girl.

Family picture on the front porch.

Sarah with Nona and Poppy.

Kaiya wanted in on this photo opportunity also.

Benny was hilarious and having a great time playing in the balloons.

Oh, this boy is so sweet.