Thursday, September 30, 2010

Washington in September

First things first:
My Washington road trip is over.

I'm back home even though my Mazda isn't. She didn't make it past Boise. Here's the story...
The drive drive up north was awesome. The kids were great. Karin's hospitality in Meridian (just outside of Boise) was first-rate. All in all pretty easy despite a little barf-session by Jake.
The week in Washington was heaven. We had a lot of fun... but I'll let the pictures do the talking on that.

The drive home was good. I got a late start on Saturday, but both kiddos were champs and all was well. Then, my air-conditioning stopped blowing cool air. I was only to about LaGrande when I called Blaine and told him something was up with it. He told me he had just recently seen that Mazda had issued a recall on an a/c part. We laughed at my luck (I hate the heat), and I vowed to get up really early the following morning to continue the trek home. By the time I stopped in Baker to eat, I could smell something was wrong with the car. It was kind of a wet smell, and was reminiscent of when the air-compressor blew on the Neon a couple years earlier. I called Blaine again. He told me to buy a gallon of water -just in case- and to turn off the a/c altogether.

I made it into Boise just fine. It was really late (about 12:30 am), and though I could still smell my car, I figured the Mazda would be okay the next morning.

A little before 7:00 am Sunday morning, Karin was waving me off--then telling me to turn off my car immediately. Yikes. What a sound. She went inside to get her hubby, Jim, who kindly and sleepily told me to turn it off again when it began smoking. Double yikes. We all decided it was best to have a mechanic look at it. I tried to turn it on a third time to move it into the street and out of their driveway, and the thing wouldn't start. Hmmm...

So, Jim and Karin offered me their mini-van (I may now be converted!). I said yes since they were buying a new car the next day anyway (which they didn't end up buying... poor Karin was stuck without a car for three days!). I'm pretty sure the Hawkes will be translated soon for their generosity and sainthood. Seriously.

So, I am in Utah sporting the van look and I dig it.
Karin, how's the SUV look treating you in Idaho?

We are planning "the great vehicle swap" Tuesday if all goes as planned. My parents are coming this weekend for business and Conference, but they are already driving two cars out as it is. So, they wouldn't be able to pick up our car for us and drive Hawkes' van back. How dare they?!?! :)

As it turns out, it was all connected to the a/c part which means it's all on Mazda's dime. Sweet. Freakin' sweet. For real.

Anyway, we are very grateful for prayers and family. I feel very taken care of. Seriously, I could have been pushing two kids in the stroller in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. Yikes.

Now on to the photos...

Markelle, this is for you.
Sheridan's Pumpkin Pie Concrete Shake.
With real Pumpkin Pie blended in.
About six bucks and worth every cent.
I took this picture with my phone. It sucks.

Dee Dee (my mom) made sure Sarah had her rite-of-passage-bath in the kitchen sink.

She wasn't so sure at first, but in the end, loved it.

Jake liked being a part of things too.
He sat right next to Sarah on the counter.

These pictures turned a little grainy, but I had to post them anyway.

I really wanted to go to Crown Point overlooking the Columbia Gorge. I hadn't been in years... since Blaine and I took his folks there right after we got married.
This view is killer. And it was such a beautiful day.

Isn't my mom pretty?

Sarah flirting. She's perfect.

This isn't as scary as it looks. These pictures are deceiving.
Although, Jake was a little nervous--he loved sitting on the wall like this.

FB posin'.

We ventured to Multnomah Falls also.
This is the lodge/restaurant. I have yet to eat here. We always say we want to, but I never have. Next time... Christmas? Anyone?

These falls are absolutely breath-taking.

Check out the moss. I know, I'm lame.

Very cool, Northwest trees.

More moss.

These Jeep pictures make me a little nostalgic.
This used to be Blaine's Jeep. He sold it to my dad shortly after we got married, and now my dad is going to sell it to his boss here in Utah. It's had a good run. Here's hoping I see it around town.

Jake sure loved "driving" it.

I love my dad.

So, on my way out of town, I decided to drive Highway 14 to the Bridge of the Gods rather than I-84 the whole way down. Really, not a huge time-saver, but a beautiful drive. I love the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.

For real.
Does it get any better than this?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happiness is...

...Hearing and seeing your kids laugh so hard they can't breathe.
Jake's laugh is my favorite sound in the world.
But, Sarah's might just make it a tie.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Road Trip!

Well... today, I'm off on a road trip to WA.
It's totally last-minute.
And I may be completely nuts.
But I'm going solo with the two kiddos.
Good thing my cool cousin lives mid-point.
Or I might really lose my mind.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


When Blaine and I were dating during round one (a decade ago), I must have told him I had a "thing" for sunflowers... because when we started going out again a few years later, he surprised me with a bouquet of them my first day of student teaching at Pleasant Grove Jr. High.

I loved it.
It was actually a pretty big turning point for me and how I felt about "this Blaine guy".

Here and there and through the years, he has surprised me with sunflowers, and I always love it when he does. It reminds me over and over how much I love him and how special he is.
I mean, who remembers such a little thing like a girl loving sunflowers? He never bought me flowers when I was 21... but he remembered when I was 26... and he remembered again today.

They looked so pretty with the afternoon light that I had to snap a few pictures.
Gosh, I love "this Blaine guy".

Remember how Meg Ryan said in "You've Got Mail", that daisies are the friendliest flower?
She was wrong.
Sunflowers are.
Thanks again, Blaine. I love you.