Monday, September 30, 2013

Waterproof Camera

Every year, I look forward to playing with the waterproof camera case at the beach. It's just so much fun messing around with it and then seeing what was actually captured. This year, we got some winners. 

Does anyone else think I look like Ann (Her?), from Arrested Development, in this picture?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jaana takes killer pictures

While we were in Southern California, we met up with my friend, Jaana and her little boy, Stevie.As always, it was awesome to see her and so fun to hang out and catch up. 
She is such a talented photographer. I'm so lucky she sent me these beauties.

We started out in Carlsbad.

And hit up a few shops before we made it back to the beach.

I love these ones of Jake and Sarah checking out the books in the used book store.

Oh, my sweet Sarah.

Jake and Sarah loved playing with Stevie.
It was fun seeing his darling personality first-hand.

I love this dreamy, perfect shot.

I love this amazing friend of mine. Who knew that nearly 17 years after meeting in our freshman year of college, we'd be hanging out on the beach watching our kiddos play together.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beach House 2013

It's that time of year again...
The "other" most wonderful time of the year, where the weather is always perfect, shoes are always off, and the sound of the ocean is everywhere.
It's kind of amazing that we get to be a part of the world where the land ends, and the ocean and sky collide. I love the beach.
And this year was especially awesome because the kids really got into it too. Everyday was an adventure for them.

The kids got into being buried. It was hilarious.

Cute Van.

Dads and kids busy at work.

Jack and Miles.

Sweet Sarah.

All the bigger kids... Miles didn't last long and Van absolutely hated it.

Poor guy.

Even Sean got a turn!

I love seeing these little toes sticking out. :)

Carter brothers sure know how to have fun.

Somoersaulting on the beach.

Mark was a champ all week long. So we rewarded him with some Red Vines--the only true beach licorice.

Perfect hot, sunny weather.

Jen and Van.

No beach beach jail for me... Now that I'm in my thirties, I think I'm okay with pasty skin.

Jake went nuts collecting sea-weed.

And these buddies played all day, every day.

Little miss poser.

Jump, Jack, jump!

I know I'm posting too many of these pictures of Sarah by the water... but I just love them so much.

Beach walkin'.

Hangin' out with Poppy.

Brent was a great beach play-ground contractor this year. He buried bouncy-balls to make mini-trampolines for the kids, then constructed this beauty. The kids had a blast.

Jack showed me his moves. He's got some serious skills.

Mark's first dip. 

He took to it pretty well, actually.

Dennis and Sean philosophizing.

 The brothers playing Spike Ball.

Let's go fly a kite...

Van, blowing bubbles and checking out the kites.

Hanging out with Jack.

Another great beach vacation.
 Can't wait until next time!