Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yes, we are sick, sick, sick. Started with me, and now it's both of us. We are a couple of real winners. We are groaning, moaning and completely restless. I hate it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shhh it's private

Okay, so my title is really nerdy, but really--what do you all expect from me? Well, thanks to two of my little darling students, I have decided to go private with the blog.

I've had these two boys two years in a row now, and am beyond annoyed. They are obsessed with my personal life--most specifically, Blaine. He came in a couple times last year, and they think he is the coolest, greatest, manliest, handsomest man in the world. I can't say I blame them, and really, their obsession would have been pretty entertaining for a month or two, but they've been relishing in this obsession now for about two years. Today they more than crossed the line while they were supposed to be working in the computer lab... I hear manic laughter coming from them and then when I ask them what's going on, they announce to the class what my blog address is.

Needless to say-- I really don't want my students looking into my personal life. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hate this.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

District of Columbia

Well we are back from D.C.
Blaine and I were lucky to enough to venture "back east" for another Franklin Covey training, but we were really lucky to have Blaine's parents, Steve and Chris come with us. We had so much fun! I may have gone a little nutty with all the pictures... oh well, right?

I love this picture. Chris and Steve amid the Cherry Tree Festival.
That's the Jefferson Memorial in the backgroud.
Pretty 'eh?

I know it's lame to take pictures of the public transit system, let alone blog about it, but c'mon the Met is pretty freakin' cool. I felt like I was in Gattaca.
Okay-- I HAD to post about this. I was dying to go to the Phillips Collection so I could see a real Renoir, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Matisse and Manet. I was like a little kid seeing elephants in the zoo for the first time. Seriously awestruck and giddy... but the one that had me almost jumping up and down was Renoir's "The Boating Party". We laughed at a man who, talking to himself said it was "magnificent" and "full of joy", but seriously, does art get any better than this? This was the painting I came to see. Renoir is my man.
D.C. Temple. Beautiful and Ginormous.
The White House. Actually, the "West Wing" to be exact.

WWII Monument.
I was really suprised at the sense of awe and reverence these momuments evoked. In many of them I really felt like I was standing somewhere sacred.

Jefferson Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial.
This is the only picture of Blaine and me on this trip. Good thing it's with Lincoln. :)

Washington Monument.
Iwo Jima Memorial.
This is pretty impressive in person. It's so much bigger and emotional than I thought it would be. Mount Vernon.
So cool. I'm really glad we made it out to George Washington's estate. The grounds were beautiful and the house was amazing. 40% of the mansion is actually orignal.

Washington's gardens. Among all the incredible things he did and accomplished, he considered himself a farmer.
I do wish I had some blogging proof of our visit to The Holocaust Memorial/Museum. Although it's really not the place you flash a bunch of pictures. My phone rang while we were there and Blaine said I was going to hell. If you are planning a trip to D.C., I really think that EVERYONE should go see this. I truly believe it's important to see what we as humans beings are capable of doing to each other.

Is it just me...

Am I the only one who wants to be Tina Fey? I am in love with everything she does.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I've been bag-tagged. This is such a hilarious tag and very telling of personalities, don't you think? Anyway, here is my life. Pathetic, 'eh?

2 pairs of sunglasses
1 sunglasses case
1 planner/calendar
1 wallet... the usual contents
1 pay stub
1 Costco receipt
2 paint swatches
1 fruit leather
1 bandaid
1 novel
2 M.A.C. compacts
2 lotions
1 bottle of Excedrin
1 bottle of mystery over-the-counter pain pills
1 pepper spray (my dad bought it)
1 pen
1 Sharpie
1 Tide-to-Go stick
1 package of graham crackers
2 hair rubber-bands
1 almost empty package of gum
1 concealer
1 blush
8 lip glosses (SERIOUSLY!)
1 lavender essenial oil
1 container of Ice-Breakers
1 package of Kleenex
3 bobbie pins
1 tooth Brush-Up
1 hands-free connecter for my cell phone

*Disclaimer-- On a weekday, we'd also probably find my cell phone, i-pod shuffle, and bottled water. Wow, that's a lot of crap.

I tag: Michelle, Laurel, Megan, LaChae, Jacki, Kendee and Sharri.

Baby Time

A couple great shots of Steve and Chris with their first grandson, Jackson. I have the best in-laws in the world!

Rob's Wedding

So this was a couple weeks ago, but still demands a post... my cousin Robbie got married! Jenesse already knows how to placate me; she made sure to tell me that I'd always be Robbie's favorite. I love you guys!

Rob and Jenesse coming out of the Logan Temple.

Guy, Kristin and little Adam.

Karin's youngest, Anna and Isabel. These two have only met a few times but it's always hilarious to watch them interact with each other. They are only a couple months apart.

Blaine and me at the reception.