Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a Boy!

I am still processing this information. I really thought we'd be thinking pink today, but there is no denying it-- it's a BOY! We are so excited!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The "I Suck" Tag

So Alison tagged me with this a few days ago. 20 reasons why I suck. It's been fun to think about. Enjoy!
(In no particular order)

1. I have had a problem with being on time to things since I can remember. My dad calls it: "chronically late".

2. I tend to get hurt feelings easily, but only by people who really know me-- you know, the ones I really love.

3. Since being married, I have discovered that I can be a bit "emotionally needy". I need Blaine to tell me he loves me all the time. I can't go to sleep at night if I don't hear it.

4. Like Alison, I am really addicted to TV, yet, I totally think it's normal to be this obsessed with "my stories".

5. I do my make-up in the car ALL the time... doesn't matter if I'm driving or if it's Blaine. I'm freakishly good at it.

6. I love Mexican food. Specifically, Cafe Rio and Bajios. I'd have it every meal if I could. Especially lately (I blame pregnancy).

7. I blog while teaching. Crappy huh? At least I do it while my students are reading at the beginning of class. Nope-- I still suck.

8. I am over-analytical about most things. Mostly about things I have no control over. Like, how I much I hate the Dee-jays on 101.9, and plot lines (or the lack of plot lines) in television.

9. I am completely obsessed with the history and progression of pop-culture. It seriously fascinates me. I could devote an entire master's thesis on this (I'm serious). Blaine has to constantly put up with me talking about the intelligence (and lack of intelligence... i.e. Reality TV) of what I watch and read. I'm a post-modern junkie.

10. I'm really mean about Blaine's recent night-time teeth grinding. I've dealt with the sleep-walking, the talking, etc, but I can't take the teeth-grinding. It makes me insane.

11. I love to eat out. We eat out or get take-out more than I care to admit.

12. I goof off during church. Especially during Sacrament meeting. It's the last meeting for us, and I seriously can't sit still. I always make Blaine play hang-man with me. Yeah-- I'm 29. What's wrong with me?

13. I have been addicted to diet coke for more than a decade. For a while there I completely lost my taste for it (thank you, pregnancy), but it is back! I've also been getting some wicked headaches due to miniature baby, and asked my doctor about it. He first told me to take Excedrin, but at my last visit we talked again about the "diet coke saga" and he told me to drink a can a day. Hooray!! He said he'd rather have me drink it than take all the Excedrin and Tylonol. Needless to say, I am a happy girl.

14. So far this year I have called in sick for two vacations, and plan on doing a third in about a week, when we go to Washington D.C. I don't even feel remotely bad about it.

15. I totally favor my nice, polite, respectful students above the rude, tantrum-throwing ones. I don't feel bad about this either.

16. I'm cheap. And getting cheaper all the time. I rarely pay full-price for anything, and I always want to know I got a good deal.

17. I love clothes. I recently cleaned out my closet and traded sweaters and knee-boots for flip-flops (something I look forward to twice a year). Well this time I also re-organized to accommodate for maternity-wear (Thank you Val and Laurel!). I was depressed to see how much I can't wear, but also excited about the prospect of buying new stuff. It's a sick-twisted world I live in.

18. I love purses. Apparently I have since I was little.

19. I have an obscene amount of make-up. I worked in cosmetics for about three years and accumulated a ridiculous amount. I've been trying to purge what I don't use for years but I just can't get rid of it. Especially my lip-glosses--probably because I keep on buying them.

20. I'm okay at the daily prayer thing, but I suck at reading scriptures. I just got a new set for my birthday with my name on them and everything. They are too pretty not to read--we'll see how it goes.

I tag: Becca, Markelle, Dee and Melissa.

Friday, March 14, 2008

So Sad

"Lost" Spoiler alert:
So I am seriously depressed by last night's episode of "Lost". Sun and Jin have been favorites of mine since the beginning, and while I am happy to know that Sun is one of the -Oceanic Six- I am so sad that Jin is not-- and worst of all, that he is dead. Boo! Why? Especially after last night's episode. While he was forgiving Sun, Blaine and I looked at each other and both decided that he is a better person than either of us are. (Yes, I know-- it's just a show.)
Anyway, all in all it was a very cool episode. I love how "Lost" tricks my mind all the time--So often an episode will end and my jaw will be hanging open. I love it.
I hate Michael! I'm excited to know more about why he is there, and why they think he is there bla bla bla.
I'm interested in the captain... his character is intriguing and he is pretty cute too.
I've decided that I really like Daniel. He's so weird that he's cool.

Alright-- enough. I've sufficiently embarrassed myself with my obsession.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blue Skies Smilin' at Me

Okay, so before I continue with this post, I must admit that this is a little premature. I mean it IS only the 11th for crying out loud. That being said, I can't help it... today is beautiful!
I've taken full advantage of my teaching schedule today: I raced home when the bell rang, stopping only once at Chili's to grab some chips n' salsa, then made my way to my small, vole invested backyard to relish the sun and the end of a great novel (Austenland by Shannon Hale).
Ahhh-*sigh*-relief. Finally some real R&R. I've even hiked up my jeans to mid-calf! Oh- what bliss is mine!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Jackson!

So I finally remembered to bring my camera to Markelle and Brent's and I FINALLY am posting a picture of Jack. He is so adorable. I love his little face!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm It! (Top Ten Tag)

Thanks to Dee, I've been tagged... Actually, I'm excited about this one, (and of course, I've taken the liberty of adding my own "spin").

Top Ten things I'd like to accomplish before I die (in no particular order):

10) Meet Conan O'Brien (or at least see his show in New York)
9) Go to a Tom Petty concert
8) Go to Europe...especially Italy and England. I blame my major and art nerdiness
7) Write a novel
6) Live in New York City for a while
5) See the rest of my siblings get married in the Temple (Only two little brothers left)
4) See our Nation's capitol
3) Raise my children to be happy individuals
2) Have my very own walk-in "dream closet"
1) Grow old with Blaine

Top Ten things I have already accomplished before I die (in no particular order):

10) Hike the Mayan ruins in Mexico
9) See U2 in concert
8) Go to New York City
7) Be a Film Reviewer
6) Be Belle (Beauty and the Beast) for a day
5) Begin a family
4) Graduate from college
3) Married and sealed in the Temple
2) Teach High School English
1) Meet and marry my soul-mate

People I tag:
All three of my sisters
Becca Jo
All the cousins listed