Friday, June 20, 2008

Beach Bound, Baby!

{Summer '06}

Well, we are pretty much packed up (I'm updating the ipod as I type) and we can't wait to hit the road, er-- airport tomorrow morning.

The Carters have the fabulous tradition of renting a beach house for a week in Newport Beach. I can't tell you all how much I look forward to this event each summer. Yes... even with my ever-growing-ginormous belly. I look forward to digging a hole in the sand so I can actually lay on my tummy, (thanks for the tip, Alison), gelato on the boardwalk, beach food, reading, hating random people with Sean, laughing with Markelle, meeting Katrina's little Preston, falling asleep to the sounds of crashing waves with Blaine, and doing nothing but sit and watch the ocean.
*Sigh* What bliss is mine!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy Day

First of all, I have no current digital pictures of my dad. I'm not that vain (well, I kind-of am) but since I used a wedding picture of my mom, I figured I could get away with using another for Father's Day. I love this picture anyway.
My dad is the greatest! You all might think your dad is the best, but you are wrong! Mine is. You know that song we all sang when we were kids about our dads being the biggest and the strongest? Well I really believed it--and still do. I think my dad can do anything.
He's always been there for all of our most important days and events. He's always provided for our family. He's got a great testimony. He doesn't always shout it about--he's more quiet about it. (Blaine is the same way--maybe that's why I love him.) He thinks he's Jack Bauer. He has a great, loud, contagious laugh. He loves his kids. He thinks he's Mexican. He always tries speaking Spanish to anyone resembling a Spanish descent. We all laugh about it, but are secretly very proud he's so passionate and devoted to his study of Spanish. He has a love affair with vanilla ice cream...always has, always will. He loves projects. Whether it be the Jeep, the boat, or whatever, he likes to be busy. He's a hard worker. I don't know anyone who works harder, actually. I love that he has taught me the value of working hard. He loves my mom. There's such solace in knowing that my dad loves my mom--no matter what.
This list could go on a lot longer... but for the sake of me bursting into tears (darn you, pregnancy!), I'll end it here. I love my daddy!

Couldn't Help Myself

Sorry Matt... It had to be done. I found this picture while I was looking through our server of a picture of my dad for his tribute, and well--behold: my baby brother. This is a couple years ago. Blaine and I took a summer trip up to WA to hang out for the 4th of July and my dad and Matty took us to the Fish Hatchery. It was really cool. They have sturgeon there that are HUGE! They look like sharks but are really prehistoric-looking.
Anyway, Matty posed for this one without me even asking him to. He wanted to look like the bear or "be" the bear or something. I love this kid! I have the best brothers!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mixed Feelings

I'm feeling a little weird. Today was the last day of school and while I am so excited and feel so blessed that I'll be staying home to be a mom, I am really bummed about not teaching anymore. I worked a VERY long time to get my degree and I am so happy that I actually used it--it means the world to me. I LOVE teaching. I've had the greatest experience at Alta...
Today is just a little bittersweet. I really hate saying "goodbye", though I am so happy about this next "chapter"... Know what I mean?
  Some of the ladies I teach with in the English department. They were so nice and threw me a little shower.
I love these women!
These are my Euphony seniors, minus two... They are such a great group of kids. I'm so proud of them and know they will do great things.
Tiffany Platt and I were luckily placed across the hall from each other when we both started at Alta. She teaches Spanish and has become such a great friend. Can't wait for her wedding in December!
Mikianne and I met at the new teacher-hire meeting two summers ago. Recently, we talked about the fact that we both went home that night and told our husbands that we met a "new friend". Mikianne is a breath of fresh air, and I can't wait for her little baby due New Year's.
I am a HUGE nerd. This is a picture of my classroom. Well, one of many I took before I dismantled my room. Don't judge me.

A Couple Randoms...

Sean and Carter co. were at our place a couple weeks ago. Here's a great shot of Sean with little Jack. I swear they have the same smile. :)
Jack and Blaine. Everyone LOVES this little guy. Blaine and I can't get enough of him.
This is a camping shot. I sucked at taking pictures on our camping extravaganza... but I did manage to get a few of Jack (see above) and trees. I like trees. Trees are cool.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Let's Get Campy!

We went camping this weekend... I am so not a camper. I LOVED it as a kid. In a trailer or camper or some kind of "indoor" area. I even enjoyed girls camp during YW days. Not showering for days and risking all kinds of dehydration and ticks.
I love the hot dogs, the talking and laughing around the campfire, the star-filled skies, the tin-foil dinners, the trees, and of course, the s'mores.
What I hate are the allergies, the sinus infections, the dirty hands and face, the putting in contacts with dirty hands and face, the so cold nights, the freakishly hot days, the out-houses, the smoke in my lungs that already cannot breathe due to afore-mentioned reasons... Oh yeah, AND I'm six months pregnant. :) Yeah-- I know I'm whining. But isn't that what having a blog is about sometimes?
Needless to say, I am really happy we went. We met Blaine's brothers and co. in Moab for a quick camping trip. It really was fun. And I love the social part of camping so much, I really can't say "no" to hanging out with Sean, Doug, Jen, Shad, Tina, Hondo, Marisa, the Canadians, Brent, Markelle, the kiddies, and dream-man Blaine (who made sure to bring our queen-size air mattress and even added more air in the middle of the night). I LOVE these guys (WAY more than camping)!!