Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hill Air Force Base Aerospace Museum

A few weeks ago Jake became obsessed with airplanes and helicopters. It's kind of adorable. So, last week before I took off to Washington with the kiddos to see my little brother, Matt come home from his mission in Montana (more on that later), Blaine had the brilliant idea to take the kids to the Hill Air Force Base's Aerospace Museum.

I have lived in Utah for most of my adult life and had never been. It's really, very impressive and Jakey (and Blaine) were in heaven. It was fun to see Jake's little face light up with all the airplanes and and helicopters. Sarah was a champ and loved it all too. (She's got a thing for helicopters, also.) It was also fun to tell the kids that they have two great-grandpas who were Aeronautical Engineers. 

Anyway, there's a lot of history at this museum. It's huge. And it's free.

Plus. when you make the trip this far north, you automatically get to stop and eat lunch at Red Iguana before you have to head home again. Bonus.

They had this darling little education section for kids that was very hands on. We hit it twice before they had to close it early.

The kids loved the aviation simulators. 

Blaine showing off his New Mexican colors.

Jakey showing me how fast the jets fly.

Sarah taking it all in.

Initially, we took an interest in this plane because it was called the "Jolley Roger" and there was a pirate flag painted on it... then I saw the pilot's picture and got a little crush on Captain Jolley. Seriously... this guy looks like Don Draper.

For as many different aircraft this place had indoors, there was a ton outdoors as well.

"Bullet the Blue Sky."

Now, there's a handsome guy.

Here's Jake on the way to lunch holding his brand new helicopter he got to pick out in the gift shop.

And Sarah picked out her very own airplane purse. A pretty good find, if you ask me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


One of my favorite authors {Ray Bradbury} died last night. This article is a great tribute to his life and his work. If you're a nerd like me--you'll love it. {See here.}

Friday, June 1, 2012

This guy...

is coming home... THIS month.
And I can't wait to see him.
Oh, little brother. I've missed you.