Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My old dishes cupboard (I got it for Christmas when I was three from Santa Claus) and I needed a little makeover. I still need to put a final coat of polyurethane  on her, but the kiddos love her just the same...

I'd like to think they love me just the same too. Even with a shorter, blonder do. Jake told me that I look like Rupunzel... you know, when her hair gets cut short at the end. haha Love that kid.

By the way, I love Jen (Paynter) Scott too. I'm so happy she's doing hair again. She's got magic hands and I love our talks. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Zoo in Winter

We've been so stir-crazy around here, that when we got the call from the old neighborhood play group to head to the Zoo for their "Wild Wednesday" we grabbed our winter gear and jumped in the car.

Watching the giraffes eat trees was pretty awesome. :)

Jake, Tessa, Lily and Sarah.

Watching the tigers.

This picture just had to happen... Kimmy and I didn't plan this. Great minds just think alike.

So, it turns out that the zoo in cold weather is pretty great. I may even almost prefer it to the heat. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Better Off Dead

The other night, Blaine and I watched this classic.
Seriously, how long has it been since you watched this gem?
I was giggling throughout the entire thing and anticipating all my favorite parts with a giant smile on my face.

I died during the scenes with Lane's dad trying to talk to him in teenager language.

The scene where Lane pokes his food and it slithers away was so, so awesome.

Charles De Mar telling the pig fetus in-a-jar to wake up killed me.

So did the classroom scene with the Geometry teacher wooing his students with mathematical jargon.

But the high school dance scene with Ricky's big dance moves and the "shave your date" jab was probably my favorite of all.

And Lane Meyer playing his saxophone for Monique over a candlelit TV dinner still made me swoon.

Oh, John Cusack. I still love you oh, so much.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Three-Year-Olds

This took place during Sacrament Meeting in my Nannie's ward in Arizona:

Jake is patiently waiting for the Sacrament to be over so he can eat the piece of gum in his hot little hand... while Kaiya's nicer mom told her she could eat hers now...

Jake: Are you kidding me Kaiya???!!! (Shaking his head and rolling his eyes) You are supposed to wait until the water is over!!

Kaiya: (Gestures with her hands and shrugs her little shoulders whilst chomping on her delicious bubble gum.)

Jake: Uggggggghhhhccchh! (Whispering now) Are you kidding me??!

This happened after church in the car--getting ready to go in the house and recover from church:

Michelle and I are both turned around attempting to have a meaningful chat with the kids before going inside...

Michelle: Okay, you guys-- there are going to be a lot of people at Nannie's house tonight. We are going to go inside and change our clothes and have some fun playing and watching movies. You guys need to remember to play nice and be happy.

Alicia: Yep-- you guys need to be happy and obey Michelle and Alicia, and Nannie and DeeDee.

Kaiya: Yeah, and Heabvenly Falther and Jesus.

Alicia: Yes.

Jake: Yeah, Jesus Cwrist.

Kaiya: Aaaaaamen!

Michelle: Okay! We're done... let's go inside!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arizona Love

Last year's January Arizona trip was so great, we decided to do it again. Michelle and I loaded up all four kiddos in the car and headed south to the land of delicious citrus, palm trees and warm weather. We loved it... but mostly we loved visiting with our Kempton cousins and hanging out with Nannie and Mom. I love this new tradition and am already scheming to get down there again soon.

Cindy (holding baby Reid), Kate, and Lily.

I had some serious flash-backs of my childhood when Lily and Maddie called everyone in to the family room for a "talent show". Once we were all in Maddie thanked us all for coming, then Lily led them in a choreographed dance. It was so awesome and brought back so many memories of us as little girls.

Jakey in Nannie's Snuggie... all cozy and ready to watch a movie.

Sarah wanted to join in too.

I really sucked it up at taking enough pictures of the whole trip, but at least brought my camera to the park where we played with LaChae and her kids for the day.
This may have been our kids' favorite part of the whole trip.
Here's Sarah trying so hard to be big on Kate's princess scooter.

I love that LaChae's girls will always pose for me. Lily kills me.

Michelle helping Kaiya down the hill.

LaChae, Wyatt, Nannie, Ben, and Mom.
Eating pizza and snacks.

Little Benny.


Jake and Lily playing in the sand.



A sad Kaiya... Don't eat the sand! :)


I saved the best for last. This girl is hilarious.

Arizona-- I love you. I hope to be back soon.

Friday, January 20, 2012

All that Jazz

Thanks to Franklin-Covey and Viawest, Blaine and I got to go to a Jazz game last night. Honestly this kind of perk is kind of wasted on a couple like us, but it was a lot of fun. I got a bit of a giggle-bug during the Viawest presentation, but the catered meal was killer and my date was wicked hott.

We had to bail early due to kiddos... and on the way back to the car passed The Depot and a gaggle of people waiting to get inside. I looked at Blaine and was so happy to be done with that part of my life. Not that I regret my single and kid-free days at all. I relish the happy memories and I had a lot of fun. But Blaine and I talked about how much happier and more full life is now. Some days are hard. Parenthood is no easy task... however, the ups are seriously awesome.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thomas, Spencer, and Jake

I think Jake has found a buddy who loves Thomas as much as he does.

We were lucky enough to have Spencer and Brian (minus Christy) over last week for lunch and trains. These boys are destined to be besties... Pethels-- when you move back to the States from Germany, please move to Salt Lake. Please!

As promised, Christy, here are the pictures of our boys.
By the way, you were/are missed. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's Eve

We threw a little New Year's shindig this year. It was supposed to coincide with our big basement kick-off, but alas-- we are still awaiting that happy day.

Anyway, it was really fun to have both our families to celebrate the new year.
Actually, we did a fake countdown for 2012 at about 9:30 pm.
Hey-- kids (and parents) have gotta sleep, right?

And yes, we did have some yummy food (if I do say so myself): Martha Stewert's Mac & Cheese, mini Monte-Cristo sandwiches, queso, green-chili dip, Markelle's won-ton salad, home-made chocolate mousse, and s'more bites. Yum!

Blaine and his hand-made balloon drop. :)

Can you feel the anticipation??

I love these little faces.

Oh, what fun and amazement.

Jen, Doug, and Van.

With some fake smiles.

Michelle and the girls.

Markelle and Brent were actually in the middle of a very heated game of balloon toss...

Robyn and Brett being photo-bombed by Michelle.

This is as things were winding down... Kaiya was intent on holding hands with both Jake and Scott while watching Tangled.

I really wish I had some pictures of the Carter boys remembering their golden days of stake dance moves and grooves. Hilarious. We turned on the tunes and let the memories flood over us. I wish I had video.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Christmas in New Mexico was fantastic (as usual) this year.
We mostly stayed in but went out a little too. Santa found us at Nona and Poppy's house and we even went on a real sleigh ride. 

Actually, aside from the "Christmustaches" it was a perfect holiday.

Doug, Sean, Brent, and Blaine with their brand new "Christmustaches".
Sorry, Carter boys... but I think only Magnum P.I. can really pull this look off.
Still funny though. :)

A shot of all the gifts under the tree. Wow.

We went all out this year and put out some cookies and eggnog for Santa (and a little something for the reindeer too).

Our attempt at the Nativity. It was actually, really adorable.
Chris bought all these Nativity hats for the big night... I only wish Jake was less lame and would have let me take this picture of ALL the Carter kids.

I'll bet you didn't know that one of the wise men had a mustache.

Opening Christmas Eve jammies.

Reading "The Night Before Christmas" with Markelle.

Aaaaaannnndddd........ Christmas morning.

I loved that Jakey and Jack were totally into Santa this year. It made everything so much more magical for me.

A Finn McMissile car!!!

Lalaloopsy doll.

Walkin' Van.

New trains!

(James, Harold, and Deisel 10.)

Sarah brushing and loving on her new Cinderella dolly.

I had to get this one on here too... she wouldn't take those boots off all morning.

Growing us, we used to get a letter from Santa in our stockings each year. I loved reading them as a kid and had to begin this tradition with my own kids. I know they didn't really "get it" this year, but tradition is tradition.

My kids got a lot of great stuff this year. It was so fun watching them open everything that I sucked at documenting much of the morning... not that I regret it. Sometimes there is a time to put away the camera and take it all in.

Aren't these horses pretty? They weren't any of ours, but I thought they were so pretty to look at.

I love this New Mexico tradition of the sleigh ride. 
Thanks, Steve and Chris!!

Little girl.
Van and Sean.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and not too cold.

Taking a picture of Sean taking a picture. Love it.

Our awesome driver.

The other sleigh held Steve, Chris, Doug, Jen, and Van.

Our sleigh (minus Sean and Brent).

Sean was nice enough to take some pictures with my camera while Blaine and I wrestled the kiddos.

Jack checking out the horses and sleigh. So cute.

The Carter Crew.

A sublet of the Carter Crew.

Oh, those cheeks!

The kids LOVED climbing all over this snow pile. I don't want to think too hard about what may have been under it. 

Good thing I sprung for the snow bibs this year. :)
Merry Christmas!