Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful Part II

Last year, I did a post where I listed what I was thankful for... looking back this year, I find that nothing has really changed. However, I really, really dig Thanksgiving and still want to talk about it.

I mean, is there another time of year that's sole purpose is to just be thankful? I love that this day is set aside for enjoying life, food, tradition, family, and blessings, and it's really too bad that it completely gets the shaft. Thanksgiving is sandwiched right between two hugely commercial holidays and I find it sad that Thanksgiving just isn't that important to society. How else can we teach our children {on a national holiday} to be thankful for what they have? Sure--we can teach them the true meaning of Christmas in a couple of weeks, but giving thanks is something that I believe we are losing touch with.

Anyway, we always trade families on the holidays and this year we will be with the Carters for Christmas and are spending the Thanksgiving with the Lees in Washington. My little brother Matt is here from school and my brother Scott and his wife, Megan are coming in tonight. We will have a full house and I can't wait. My mom has been anticipating and preparing for weeks and my dad is bonding with Blaine on a whole new level over guns.

Life is bliss. And I'm grateful.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Husband and Vince Vaughn

Is it weird that my crush on Vince parallels my crush on Blaine?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've been laughing about this all week...

At church on Sunday, I was carrying Jake through the halls to get to meetings, and a lady in my ward (whom I really like) commented on how big Jake was getting.
I responded with, "I know--isn't he huge?!?!"
She then said, "Well, he takes after his mom and dad."

Um... What?

I'm going to assume that she thought I said, "Isn't he cute?!?!"
Yeah... that's what happened.
Right? ... Right? ...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Great Moment

The other day I had a great moment...

I was getting my rings cleaned and inspected {so as not to default on my warranty again} and was admiring all the new couples looking at diamonds and bands whilst holding hands and smiling wistfully at each other.

For a moment, I was jealous of them.

I remembered how it felt to be that insanely in love- that manic- no one has ever loved anyone else the way we love each other-kind of love. I remembered how excited I was about getting married and being with Blaine forever...

I felt frumpy in my ponytail, maternity jeans, blouse and flats as I remembered how darling I felt being engaged. I was always just so sure everyone was checking out my new diamond engagement ring. {Don't deny it--you all did it too--admit it now--before you judge me.}

But then Jake started to laugh really hard at nothing at all. I looked at him and smiled and he laughed even harder. He's got a great little boy laugh.
{It will will melt your heart, I promise.}

And, then while I was playing with my adorable and perfect son, and waiting for the sales associate to come back, I realized that those couples were looking at me. I don't know if they thought Jake was as cute as I do, or if they were maybe thinking that we were being a little loud, and I don't really care.

It was a great moment... because right then, I realized that my life is better than I ever could have imagined it would be when I was looking at pretty, shiny rings with my fiance over four years ago. I'm still insanely, crazy-in-love with Blaine and I still am a huge elitist in thinking that no one -NO ONE- has ever loved each other the way we do.

And what's better is that we are now crazy-in-love with this little person, Jake too.
And I can't wait to meet out littlest jelly-bean in May.

Isn't it nuts the way our hearts just grow bigger and bigger?

I am not posting this to make myself and my life sound super, super awesome... it was just so refreshing to evaluate who I am and what I have, and feel really, really happy and content with what I saw. That's all.

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Typical" Car Conversation

Alicia: If you could be any lead singer in any band, who would you be?

Blaine: Hmmmmm.... that's hard. I don't know. Let me think about it. Who would you be?

Alicia: Easy--Ann Wilson. Mmmmaybe Debbie Harry, but ... no, it's Ann. She rocks.

Blaine: Dave Grohl.

Alicia: Oh, I am so turned on right now.

Blaine: Good 'eh?

Alicia: Yeah. Way good.

Blaine: What if you were a dude?

Alicia: Tom Petty. Hands down.

Blaine: Oooohhh, that's good.

Alicia: I know.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Costumed Kiddos

Laurel, Michelle and I wanted some pictures of the kids in their costumes. Needless to say, they are pretty cute... Even though Jake wanted nothing to do with anything but the jack-o-lantern, and Isa only wanted to show off her "boots-fancy-boots". Good thing Kaiya was the biggest ham I've ever seen. Seriously, I love that girl.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Howling Good Time

The annual Halloween party at Brent and Markelle's was, as usual, awesome.
{I just can't believe that I have no pictures of the hosts in their costumes!}
Anyway, here's what I did document. The Dragon, the Knight in Shining Armor, and the Princess in "distress" {my baby bump is starting to shine through}.

Lindsey, Tobias and the Banana Grabber.
I think Blaine is still mad at me that I wouldn't let him shave his head and go as Tobias himself. Poor Blaine... but I don't think anyone would have been able to pull it off like Brad.
Well done, Walkers. Well done.

Ahhhhh.... Arrested Development. Be still my beating heart.

Cowboys and Indians.
I'm always impressed with Laurel's attention to details.

This "Ellen" game was hilarious.
Just as hilarious as Jack Burton {Big Trouble in Little China}. Awesome.

Jake and Jack... the Charlie Brown.

Base-baller and ultimate Yankee with her secret-service man.

Mad-Scientists, Doug and Jen.

Mine and Laurel's attempt at a "typical" Facebook photo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To My "Potter Pals"... You Know Who You Are

Okay, I get it: The whole "Harry Phenomenon".
And I totally dig it.

Since Labor Day, I have read all seven of J.K.'s books and I am devastated that it's over.
Fellow "Pals", I admit that I thought your series was a little over-rated. And, while I was a Potter-watcher {or "Wotcher"}, I can now say that what I really was (and what my little brothers un-lovingly refer to as) a "Potter-Poser".
Well, that's all over now. I am a true believer. These books seriously rock.

Ms. Rowling, you are a genius.
Thank you for making me dream of nothing else but Chocolate Frogs, Hogwarts Express, Firebolts, Snitches, Centaurs, Elder wands, Dementors, House Elves, Snakes, Pensieves, Occlumency, Horcruxes, Pumpkin-juice, Butter-beer, Diagon Alley, Prophecies, Owls, and Invisibility Cloaks.
Maybe now, I can get a good night's sleep; one without worry about which Weasley is going to die. {Poor Fred.}

But, what am I going to read now?