Friday, May 30, 2008

Back in Business

So this morning, I froze and danced my bootie off
on my way to school.
Yes, the Neon (formally known as the "White Devil") finally has air-conditioning AND a new CD player with a detachable face.
Life is sooooooo good.
School is out in 3 days. My 7-Peaks passes are ordered.
This really will be the "Summer of Alicia" after all.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Very Cool Temple Art

Like most of you, I love my wedding pictures. My photographer was an old family friend, Bruce Barnes, who grew up with my dad in Salem, Oregon and who now resides in Mesa-ish, Arizona. Anyway, he also takes beautiful pictures of LDS Temples, and he and his artist-cousin make them masterpieces. Here's a one that I own... Blaine bought it for me about a year ago. I love it! It's so unique.
Anyway, I've been seeing a few like it around the LDS shops and asked Bruce about it. Sadly, Bruce told me there are a bunch of knock-offs out there. Someone he trusted stole the idea and started making similar pictures. Another trusted friend took his photos, flipped them and is making them in Mexico. To say the least-- Bruce's are much, much better.

Bruce's are on his web site ( and on his cousin’s site (http://www.raymonddesigns/) and on the Deseret Book sites.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So I just came home from dinner and gelato with Val and Becca Jo (BEST GELATO EVER!!), and found myself driving behind a Ford pick-up with this bumper-sticker:
Beaver or Bust
Labor Day Weekend
Beaver, UT
So funny on so many levels. I just had to share. Hopefully I will see this sticker again soon; I think the Ford lives down the street.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Darlings

I seriously almost killed a girl today in my class. She pisses me off so much that I have a really hard time keeping my cool (and patience) with her. However, this is NOT the reason for this post.

I am blogging this today--right now--because I feel like I need to remind myself of the reasons I love teaching. I really do love my job, and I really will miss it. Sometimes I feel like I am a little too negative; focusing too much on the small handful that drive me insane and make me never want my own children.

The truth is: the good far outweigh the bad. I really enjoy teenagers. I especially love my little sophomores who are not so little by the end of the year. They have become a little more worldly (that's meant as a compliment here), a little more mature, and a lot more confident.

So, here is a short list of things I will sincerely miss about teaching high school English, Creative Writing and the school's literary magazine: Euphony staff.

1. When I ask, "What just happened?" or "What does this mean?" while we are reading something like Shakespeare, and about 10 students confidently and excitedly raise their hands to answer. (Yes... it happens, and it's awesome.)
2. If I'm absent--I have concerned students who want to know if I'm okay. I'll even get a note here and there from a substitute making sure I know my kids were concerned. (Especially since I've been pregnant... how sweet is that?)
3. I love it when I have girls tell me I "look cute today". Honestly, who doesn't love that?
4. I LOVE when students tell me "thanks" and/or wish me a good day or weekend as they are leaving my classroom. I seriously love it.
5. I'll really miss reading a poem or short story from a brilliant Creative Writing student. Seriously, there are some VERY talented students here. I am blown away at their abilities all the time.
6. Getting close to my Euphony staff students. They are a great bunch of kids with all kinds of backgrounds who are good students with good morals, who are ecstatically excited about literature, art and writing. It is so gratifying watching them create their magazine.
7. Having a really heated, yet respectful debate on something in the classroom. It's so fun to see them get so passionate.
8. Discussing really heavy topics like "The Office" and "Lost" during downtime.
9. Watching them apply something they've learned, or seeing improvement based on hard work.
10. Last, but NOT least-- I'll really miss my polite kids. The ones I can always count on to calm down their less-polite classmate... the ones who always say "thank you" for even the smallest thing... the ones who sincerely ask if they can help me with anything... the ones who genuinely smile at me and say "hello" in the halls. These are also the ones who come to visit me even when they aren't in my class. The ones I want to come visit. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hott! (two ts)

Cleaning my floors... waiting for them to dry... watching Bridget Jones's Diary on TV. Man, I love this movie. Arguably the best cinematic kiss ever (see picture above). Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are so freakin' hott... And the first movie (and book) was SO much better than the second.
By the way--how hilarious is it that Bridget's thirty-something friend, Jude is also teen-something, Moaning Mertle in Harry Potter?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top Five Tag

Okay, not really "top fives" but Katrina tagged me and well, I'm it.

Five things on my "To Do" list this week:
1. Purchase and put together baby crib. (Third trimester begins today!)
2. Watch all my "stories" on Thursday night. Best night for television. Can't wait! Do you all think that Jim will really propose to Pam? If she says no I will kill myself.
3. Grocery shopping. I'm kind of a weirdo. I like buying food. I really enjoy shopping in all its forms.
4. Bring home more crap from my classroom. I've been working on organizing my lesson plans and other "teaching" stuff, and bringing things home day by day. It will save my sanity at the very end of the school year. (13 days and counting...)
5. Get my hair done already!! It's been since Christmas vacation. Seriously, the roots and gray hairs have got to go. Like now!

Five snacks I enjoy:
DIET COKE!! All the time. Every time.
2. Chips n' salsa. Preferably from Chili's.
3. Fresh fruit. Can't get enough.
4. Saltines and butter. I know, I know... totally white trash.
5. Tillamook cheese. Nothing, and I really mean nothing is better than the real thing. Love Tillamook.

Five things I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire:
Allow Blaine to turn our home into the computer-command-center I know he dreams of.
2. Buy a beach house in Oregon.
3. Buy a beach house in California.
4. Pay off all our debts and all our families' debts.
5. Shop. For the rest of my life. With absolutely no guilt.

Five places I've lived:
Taylorsville, UT. (Current. With my sweetheart.)
2. Salt Lake City, UT. (First apartment married. A little ghetto. We loved it.)
3. Orem, UT. (Pinnacle Apartments. 10th ward. Best four years as a singleton. I've lived in thousands of places as a single gal, but this was my favorite.)
4. Camas, WA. (Only for a couple summers home from school, but I LOVE it there. I'm convinced the Northwest is the most beautiful part of the country.)
5. West Jordan, UT. (I am a west-sider through and through. Born and raised.)

Five jobs I've had: Really? Only five? I've had more jobs than I can count. (Seriously, I've tried to and I can't.) I'll just try to make a list.
Teacher. Substitute teacher. Aveda Receptionist/Sales. Estee Lauder freelance make-up artist. Lancome freelance make-up artist. Lauder girl at Meier and Frank. Lancome girl at Nordstrom. Ringer at Nordstrom. Origins manager at Meier and Frank. Clothing at Meier and Frank. Sweet Tomatoes. Carrabba's. Ah-Ha.Com. Bath and Body Works floor mover. Janitor for Temkin. Entertainment Editor for The College Times. Writer for The College Times. Cold caller for some air purifier thing... or something. Temp. Telemarketer. Payless Shoes at various stores. Sutherlands Lumber. Cineplex Odeon. Ambassador Pizza.

Five things people may not know about me:
I fancy myself a Rock Star, yet could never really do it. I don't have the voice or musical talent. And I think I'd be way too reserved-- at least sober-- and I don't drink so... there you go.
2. Like Katrina, I love to be organized and clean. It makes me feel good. I remember a time when we were living together... someone told us something really uncomfortable while we were both in the kitchen; she immediately started organizing the dishwasher and I started wiping down the counters. We didn't even think about it. Just had to clean. Release those endorphins! Hilarious.
3. I have to feel productive. If I don't feel like I am doing something of value in my life I have a really hard time. So, I guess that's why I love projects.
4. My family are my best friends. Yes-- that includes Blaine and the Carters. I LOVE them!
5. I've already talked about this before, but I am a Pop-Culture junkie. I am fascinated by pop-culture and the way if shapes and shifts society. We are what we watch and read.

Five favorite musicians/bands: This is hard. I'll do my best.
1. U2
Tom Petty
3. Nat "King" Cole
4. Queen
5. James Taylor

Five tagged peeps:
LaChae Booth
2. Jacki Sharp
3. Kendee Rowley
4. Whitney Child
5. Markelle Carter

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nothin' but Love

So, I am sitting in my kitchen watching some Gilmore Girls, and I can't help but think about how awesome my mom is. I know I'm a little late on the whole Mother's Day tribute thing, but I can't help it today. My mom is the greatest! I can't even begin to detail all the times she has helped me and all the millions of ways she inspires me. From stroking my hair while I've cried on her lap, to trying to buy me the Pee Wee Herman pull-string doll... "Excuse me, but does your Pee Wee talk?" True story. She really said this to the poor guy at the novelty shop. Hilarious and classic DeAnn.
Isn't she pretty? I love her.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rock Star!

So I was driving home from school today rockin' my ipod shuffle. Yes, I am the moron who drives with my earphones in because we are STILL sporting the "stolen car stereo look" ever since it was rudely ripped out weeks ago. (Anyone know where we can buy a cheap car cd player?) It's important to have music while driving this car this time of year, as it is also sporting the "no air-conditioning/windows down look"...
Anyway, Heart's "Crazy on You" came blasting through my tiny speakers and I thought, yet again, how radical Ann Wilson's voice is, and how much I wish I could have a Rock Star voice like her's. So here's my list of Rock Star-ish women who I would sell my soul to sing like, in no particular order:

1. Ann Wilson

2. Karen Carpenter

3. Etta James

4. Fiona Apple

5. Melissa Etheridge

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Belly Shot!

Okay, so my hair had seen better days than in this picture... I feel so frumpy these days. but this is too good not to post.
Katrina was in town for her sister Kara's wedding and we had to take this photo touching bellies. She's due beginning of June and I'm due late August--we are both having little boys! We are so excited about this... Our moms have been friends since college and seemed to always be pregnant together, so this is really fun.