Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunshine? Fun at The Gateway.

While the Carters were in town last week, we spent a sunny day at The Gateway Mall. It was so nice, that some of us (Jack) got soaked playing in the Olympic fountain. I feel kind of nostalgic looking at these pictures--remembering our nice short-lived weather we had.
 Blaine and Jake watching "the show"
There's Chris in the background... I love my in-laws. No really, I seriously do. They are awesome.
Daddy trying to get Jake to get in on the fun
Handsome man. Handsome boy.
Brothers and cousins.
Markelle and Jack.
Check this out. I love his expression.
Jack giving the ball to Grandpa Steve. He loves his ball almost as much as he loves Grandpa.

It doesn't get much cuter than this... Gosh, I can't wait until Jake is walking around with him.

Monday, March 30, 2009


So, I have been using Blaine's work Mac here and there for a few months now... and I've been spoiled. I'm not a total Mac snob like so many of you out there (come on, you know who you are), but this machine is just so much nicer than mine.
Blaine informed me (a little too casually) today that the ride is over; the MacBook Pro has to go back. The man wants it. And I'm sad.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I can Caulk my own Kitchen

Well, I guess that enough hinting can sometimes get you a great birthday present: like, new counter tops! Yes, they are much prettier than the ugly "land of Oz" fake marble-emerald green ones we used to have.
Blaine and his brothers made a valiant effort to put them in themselves... and... then our amazing neighbor installed them for us. However, Blaine and I did the tile back splash ourselves, I (yes, by myself!) installed the knobs and handles and well, I couldn't be happier with the end result.
I'm so happy-- that I may not get the itch to paint the cabinets for another three months or so.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Playdate: Will you like the other Mom?

I just found this on Parenting.com. I thought it was pretty funny. I guess I hope someone else does too.

Will you like the other mom?

she shows up with...

she's late because...
she's wearing...

she was up late because...

she dishes out...




a sour puss Sour Patch candies for kids sour mix (and the fixin's) for you both
she's so busy with the PTA she misjudged her ETA her other kid was being a PITA
Manolos moccasins mismatched loafers
her kid was so pukey (OMG!) her husband is so sexy (TMI!) Jon Stewart is so funny (ITA!)
flaxseed cookies from her purse good advice (not that you asked) gossip about the local alpha mom (they aren't real!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kaiya's Blessing Day

Kaiya's Blessing day was perfect. Her dress was custom made (by Jes, check her out!) and it was so beautiful... Kind of made me super-jealous. I sure hope Jes will make a baby girl dress for me someday. 

Anyway, My family was in town and as always, we had a great time. I just wish we got more time together. These trips are always so short.

The Walkers. Brad, Michelle and baby Kaiya.
The whole clan.
My little brother, Matt is always sneaking sleeping pictures of my mom and dad with his cell phone. I had to get in on the fun.
Playing with Kaiya on the floor as things were settling down after the blessing. Isabel LOVES her cousins. She is always mothering them and trying to help them with whatever--whether it's putting binkies back in Kaiya's mouth or soothing Jake in the back-seat. I love it.
Michelle and me ogling baby.
The Richardsons. Jason, Isabel and Laurel.
Michelle and her little girl. I love these pictures. It's pretty fun seeing my baby sister with her baby.
Aren't they pretty?
The star of the day.
And... The Carters. Aren't we cute? I saved the best for last. I can say that because for some weird reason I don't have a picture of Scott and Megan--and we all know
that they are really the best. :)

Worst Auntie Award

Isabel's 2nd birthday was in January... as I was perusing some pictures tonight, I realized that I never posted any pictures. I also don't even have pictures of Jackson's birthday party. (They share the same birthday, and we actually made it to both parties.) I blow.
 I love this picture of Isa... she looks so much like Laurel--which is rare. She definitely looks like her daddy most of the time.
Scotty and Megan. These two are the greatest auntie and uncle in the world.
They wanted a picture with the kiddos and I'm pretty sure Jake pulled Isabel's hair. Oops. Where were his parents!?
Isabel with Grandma Dee Dee's present. (My mom didn't really send her just a sucker; she just wrapped it with a sucker on top.) Izzy didn't let go of this thing all night.
With her babies
I love that she loved the gift we gave her. Megan, Michelle and I went in on this Costco gem: complete baby set--baby, stroller, infant seat, diaper bag, laptop, wi-fi, deep-freeze, and KitchenAid. :)