Friday, October 30, 2009

Before it's too Late

Michelle beat me to this already on her blog, but we hit up Gardner Village a while back, and I thought I'd better post about Halloween in the "village" before the 31st had come and gone.
I love these kiddos. I love that they are starting to interact and play together. They "talk" about all kinds of stuff and I think they have secret crushes on each other too.
(Just like George Michael and Maybe.)


Jen Carter said...

How very adorable. Your family always takes the best pictures. I love it!

LEE BIEN said...

It is never too late to post pictures of those two ADORABLE children!

Jen & George Scott said...

K I love gardner village it is so much fun!!! I love your family pics by the way. We are really going to try hard to come to the wedding. Funny how it takes us a wedding and a trip to actually see each other!!! Miss you tons!!!

Amber Burt said...

What darling pictures. Congrats on being pregnant-that is so exciting! I hope that things are going well, you look great!