Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Carter go to Washington

Well, we are back {having survived the worst plane ride ever}, we've almost caught up on all our missed TV shows, and we are ready to blog about our great trip to the District of Columbia.

Washington Monument.

Lincoln Memorial--from the Washington Monument.

D.C. Capitol from Washington Monument.

I love this guy.

This guy rocks.

Hanging out in Dupont Circle.

Thomas Circle--right across from our hotel.

Logan Circle.

Just walking around with Jakey. I think this is about where I found that Jake was eating gum from a wall. Yup--just like Elf.

The Phillips Collection. This gallery holds Renoir's one and only "Luncheon at the Boating Party". Seriously. Amazing.

Street shots.

The White House.

Jake was pretty excited about seeing the White House.

Inside the WWII Memorial. So cool.

Hanging out with Daddy.

Funny guy.

Lincoln Memorial. There is a really a palpable sense of reverence in this place.

President Lincoln's view of the Washington Memorial.

The three of us. Man, it was hot that day.

This little guy was our pal. He was literally eating out of our hands.

We tried to get him to eat out of Jake's hand, but he wouldn't bite. I think he knew Jake really wanted to grab his fluffy tail.


Mindy said...

Came across your blog when I was up and should have been sleeping. Sounds like a great trip to DC. Loved your pics, cool street shots too. Glad I read down further to hear about your exciting news!! See, it really pays off to be up this late! I'm excited for you guys!

Christy said...

Great pictures! I love that you were able to go with Blaine and have such a great time. DC really is such a great place. I've been converted. And let me tell you, the White House is so much better than Buckingham Palace. We just went to London and it's nothing to fawn (sp?) over. I was expecting this amazing building, but it was very boring. I'm proud to see these pictures of the White House and see how cool of a building it is.

Okie said...

Great pictures. Looks like tons of fun. I'm glad Blaine was able to get out and about despite our hounding him to do work after his meetings. :)

Laurel said...

Oh, I love love love my Jakey. <3 Your pictures do not disappoint! I am kind of DYING to make it back there. Can't wait to have you guys over Sunday!

dxeechick said...

Looks so fun! (Its on my list of places to go) Your little family is just so darn cute. And I'm cracking up that Jake pulled an Elf move and ate used gum. LOL!

Mike and Lara said...

Loved your post! I seriously would live in NYC or Washington DC if I didn't have children. I love big cities and all of the cool architecture!!! I loved your pics. You have always been so artistic! The pic of the 3 of you, cheek to cheek, needs to go on a Christmas card..or in your house. You all are adorable! Can't wait to meet baby #2!!! :)

Alifinale said...

Man, I love DC. The history and the monuments and important stuff happening there. So cool. That Jake boy is a crack up. Looks like fun times.

Markelle said...

I'm jealous...I want to go sooo bad! maybe we can go in a few years when you guys are on baby #3?

cute family.

LEE BIEN said...

Seeing these awesome pictures puts your sad, sad Jake plane ride into perspective. It was all worth it! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

Lamb Fam said...

First of all- CONGRATS on #2! Super exciting!
And your D.C. trip looks AWESOME! Glad you got some vacay time in before you can NEVER step out of your abode again, EVER again... EVER... with #2. It ALL changes. NOT!!! You'll love it. 2 is the new 1.
*I'm sleeeeeeeepy.

Scott and Megan said...

SAWEET pics leesh! Way awesome. I love your documentation...that jake has the cutest little hyper smile ever! I loved the progression of him laughing walking away from blaine! So cute!

Valerie S said...

Now when you read Dan Brown's new book you'll know what he's talking about. LOL Visiting DC was the funnest vacation our family ever took. Your baby is so cute! I can't believe he's a year already.