Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday babies

Our nephew, Jack (Brent and Markelle) and our niece, Isabel (Laurel and Jason) share a birthday. We love celebrating both birthdays--even though I anticipate it being a little tricky in years to come... we love these kiddos and really love watching them grow up.

First stop:
Jackson Brent Carter
Age 2
January 31st
3:00 pm

{Sadly, none of the pictures I tok with my camera worked out very well... I'm still trying to figure out all these settings... but I stole these cuties from Markelle's blog.
Check out Jack's adorable shirt. Markelle made it!}

"I'm two."

Opening presents.

Best buddies.

Second stop:
Isabel Lee Richardson
Age 3
January 31st
6:00 pm

{I took pictures with my camera for Laurel at Isa's party... luckily, I was smart enough to change my settings back to "dummy standards" so they would turn out... check out the birthday cake. Laurel is amazing!}

Happy family and birthday cake--complete with Barbie.

I like these guys. Brad, Blaine, and my dad, Dave.

Back together again. I love these people. They really are my best friends.

Another cake picture. Isabel wanted Amanda in the picture with her.

Jenesse and Robby.
Love this couple.

Kaiya is one funny girl... she was jealous of all the Isabel attention, so I started taking pictures of her. She is such a little poser.

Now, that's a handsome boy.

Michelle and Kaiya.

The birthday girl in all her glory.

I had to put this picture on here to show off Laurel's handiwork. She made this crown for Isabel to wear on her big day. So adorable.

Here's the best present ever... Michelle and I got Isa this super-cool pop-up princess tent. I kind-of want one for me. I can just see myself going in there to drink my morning diet coke everyday.


LEE BIEN said...

Yea! I'm so happy I got to be with all of you for a week and be a part of getting Brettie home, Isabel's birthday bash, late-but-still-funny Santa, and all the good times in between. I miss you already.

Christy said...

okay so my original comment was going to include things like "what cute kids" and "oh my gosh, your sister is so creative and amazing", etc. But I can't move past the fact that you have a morning Diet Coke. Kindred spirits.

Markelle said...

thanks for coming, I know its hard on you guys...we love the frog boots!

btw, I agreed with all your new movie reviews. (at least the ones that I saw.) 500 days of Summer was great! I totally have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt now, he strangely reminded me of Heath Ledger. (mmmm, I love Heath. RIP)

Laurel said...

You win! Thanks for taking pictures, ps. I really appreciate that you guys have braved two parties in one day the last two years... I love you!

Alicia said...

Laurel and Markelle,
Now I'm feeling guilty because you both apologized... we love coming to both parties. I'm serious. Love you both and LOVE your kiddos.

Valerie S said...

Every little girl deserves a Barbie cake for one of their birthdays! And Jake has the best eyes! Say "hi" to your Mom for me.

TJ and LaChae Booth said...

I loved looking at the pictures. I really miss my long lost Utah family. Wish we could get together more often. Say hi to everyone! Arizona peeps still love you soooooo much!

Scott and Megan said...

nice photo work lil missy!