Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Guy

Blaine gave an exceptional talk today about fathers in Sacrament Meeting.
Really, it was awesome.

I am so blessed to have Blaine as my husband and baby-daddy.
He is the cheese to my macaroni.
I honestly don't know what I'd do without him.

I love you, Blaine.
Happy Father's day.
I'm so happy you're mine and I'm yours.

Speaking of fathers...
Pearl Buck, author and philosopher, saw it this way:
“It is perfectly true that … children suffer from the lack of the influence of men upon them in home and school. But men lose more. They lose very much when they relegate home and children to women. They lose fun and the excitement of growing, developing life. … But they lose something deeper than that. They lose touch with the source of life itself, which is deep in the very process of living with a woman and the children a man has created with her. When he lives not there but in his office, in his work, among other men, he is strangling the roots of his own being”
(Of Men and Women, New York: John Day Co., 1941, pp. 55–56).


dxeechick said...

Love it. I can't wait to meet this husband of yours. You sound like the perfect match.

Scott and Megan said...

LOVE that quote. You are awesome Leesh...just remember that as great as you think Blaine is, he was attracted to HOW GREAT YOU ARE. i love you guys and you are seriously for each other. No marriage is perfect, duh, but your love sure can be! I too love your baby-daddy and think is one helluva an awesome guy!

LEE BIEN said...

I was going to attempt to say something wise and then saw that Megan already said it. Basically, Blaine is an amazing man, and he would be even without you, but you are truly better people because of each other. What a blessing to have great examples of fathers in your life. Blaine, your dad, his dad, Papa, and many others.

Jen Carter said...

He is pretty awesome. So are you. So are your babies. I feel lucky to be part of the family.