Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am pouting.

I know there is a lot going for my family and me right now...

Job? Check.
House? Check.
Food? Check.
Healthy kiddos? Check.
Killer couch to rest my big butt on? Check.

But I am bummed...
All this HOA drama (lame), my baby brother leaving on his mission (sad), the realization that my son and daughter may be sharing a room until they are 18 (damn this housing market!), and the fact that I am still the the throws of postpartum hormonal bliss (insert sarcasm here), I can't wait to get outta here.

We are only seven days away from our beach house vacation; and while I am less than thrilled about being in a swimsuit right now, (shoot me, really) I am thrilled to escape.

In just a few days, I'll be spending my time listening to waves crash, watching sunsets, staring at the ocean, damaging and simmering my terrible skin, and eating, eating, eating.

Capistrano Beach circa 2009
Can't wait!


Scott and Megan said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!! That's all I got to say....I ADORE YOU and think you need to chalk this all up to DAMN hormones and know that this will end at some point. When you are in the midst of blows huge bubbles! But you are beautiful, talented, an EXCELLENT mom, a intellectual genius and best of all MY sister. I heart you!!! MUCHO!!! i am pouting that I am not going to the beach house, so just know that while you are there...I will be in hormonal depression and dealing with "it's not a tumor!" I want to be you...:) love you sis--and I know this post was not an attempt at getting compliments or pollyanna advice...but i felt like telling you all of the above! xo

Danielle said...

So, you aren't pregnant, and you're about to go to the beach?

You life sucks. No wonder you're pouting :)

Just kidding. I'm just totally self centered and can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to NOT be pregnant, and heading to the beach....

dxeechick said...

Hooray for the beach. Always makes me feel better(except for the bathing suit part).

LEE BIEN said...

Enjoy yourself at the beach and take advantage of extra help with Sarah and Jake. Enjoy the awesome Carter family! Squeeze in some time to do something just for you- sit on the beach alone, read, write, photograph. Create a new dimension to the coveted beach house trip. The rest of us will be jealously awaiting a report.

Rachael said...


I'm sorry!

(We need to chat when you're back to the beach! I totally had issues after Tess... I feel you!)

Enjoy your trip!

Dennis said...

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