Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beach House 2010: Balboa Island

So, a couple of years ago on our annual-Carter-beach-fest, we ventured out to Balboa Island. I loved the whole experience... but most of all, I loved the frozen banana I ate while we were there.

Well, this year since we drove our own car, I made my banana-allergic-husband drive our little family 40 minutes away from the beach house to allow me to bask in banana bliss once again. It was awesome and totally worth it.

"Jake's on Balboa."

Can you taste the greatness yet?
{I really wish I had taken a picture of an actual frozen banana so ya'll could see how perfect it really is. Kristin--I know YOU know what I'm talkin' about!}

Hello, Mr. Banana Grabber.
Arrested Development, anyone?


Laurel said...

I want to go to there.

And though I haven't even HAD a Bluth's - er - I mean Balboa Island frozen banana, I am now salivating and craving one.


Becca Jo said...

poor Blaine can't partake! :( BTW in my blog list you are still listed as A. B.& J. just so you know.

Christy said...

"There's always money in the banana stand."

Jen Carter said...

You are a blogging machine. I kind of wish we had gone with you to Balboa...mostly because you ate Mexican food. Next year.

Tammy said...

I love love Balboa and try to go whenever I can. I always eat at the Crab Cooker that is in Newport and then go over to Balboa. I hype it up a lot and people that go with me are like "This is it?" but I love it.

Scott and Megan said...

ooooo that looks fantastic and I am so glad that you got in your car and went to some place that you love! I have places like that and like Tammy said, people are like "this is it...wth?" but there is just something wonderful if you think IT is wonderful! I love this makes me feel like I see you often and i love doing the play-by-play of the beach house. I can't believe Sarah is as big as she is and has just become a toddler over night! LOL i love Poppy in his short out with the kids...what a good grandpoppy! I love the pictures of the kids below! I aodre those little munchkins!