Friday, July 9, 2010

Ode to Husband

I didn't really make a big deal out of Blaine's birthday... doesn't seem necessary when you're living it up on the beach or at Disneyland every year. That being said, I love birthdays because it's a great time to really celebrate someone. And while we did blow out candles and sing with Blaine's entire family, I wanted to tribute him here also. I think he deserves it.

I love my husband. I waited a few years for him and I can honestly say that he is seriously everything I ever wanted in a spouse. I'll admit that I was a little worried that I may have had to "settle" to get married but he has proved my former single-self so wrong. He is a wonderful husband and great father. He is so great at making me feel special and important. He does this for Jake and Sarah too (which is why Jakey loves his daddy so much), but he always makes sure that I know I come first. He loves me unconditionally.

He takes care of so much for me and our little family. I love that he always takes care of bills, mortgage, insurance, bla bla bla. I love that I never needed to worry for one second about the details of our trips. He's always on top of booking hotel rooms, buying airline tickets (and anything else we need tickets for).

I love that he always loves spending quality time with Jake and Sarah. He never complains about holding them or playing with them. He is really a great dad and I love that he is so attentive. I also love that he backs me up with the discipline stuff. We trust each other with raising our children and I appreciate it.

I love that he likes me--we love hanging out together. He's my best friend and I'm his. I love how we can just laugh at life. I love that we try to find the humor in things.

I love how passionate Blaine is about his work. He is a hard worker and so good at his job. It's such a blessing to know he's happy with what he does because it's a huge part of who he is.

I love that Blaine loves the Lord. He is an excellent example to me and to his children because he honors his Priesthood, respects the Gospel, and is a true missionary in that he is the same to everyone. He doesn't ever try to mask who he is. He is what he is, which might be my favorite thing about him.

I love you, Blaine. Thank you for choosing me. I'm sure I don't deserve you.

Wow. Blaine really looks like Sarah here.
(But the insinuation that Blaine is a football fan is just plain hilarious.)

Nothing better than a sleeping kid with mouse ears at Disneyland.

I see a little bit of Jake here.

Cute kid... don't know what's going on with those shorts though.

The Carter boys:
Brent, Blaine holding Doug, and Sean.


Markelle said...

That Blaine really is a great guy, we sure love him...the only thing missing from his "party" was a key lime pie.

I know how you feel, because I KNOW that I don't deserve Brent. btw, could his pants be any shorter?

Lamb Fam said...

This was awesome! I'm so happy that you found a guy to make you so happy! Congrats to that.

Rachael said...

That was so sweet! (And I LOVE the pictures!)

brad and michelle said...

I'm pretty sure they're on backwards.

dxeechick said...

Husbands are great. Yours sounds extra great!

Laurel said...

Your husband is awesome. :) Love the ode!

And yes, Sarah definitely looks like Blaine in that first picture!!!

LEE BIEN said...

As always, I loved your post! You and Blaine truly are perfect for each other. I also liked the pictures of Blaine. I'm pretty sure every kid has a weird "I dressed myself" photo but, paired with the Cub Scout shirt, that one is priceless!

Mike and Lara said...

happy birthday, Blaine! Loved the pics of Blaine...isn't it cool how the gene pool mixes and you can see bits of you and of your spouse in your kids! I definately see Jake and Sarah in some of those pictures, How priceless are photographs?!!!
It was good to see you all!!!
Love ya, Larabelle :)

Matt and Brianna said...

Cute!! Ya those shorts are a bit sketchy!! Gotta love the 80's!! Cute adorable family!!

Jessie said...

I loved this! I especially loved the pictures! And the whole short shorts must of been that era because I swear all of the Pennington brothers have very similar pictures. That, and the whole stonewash jeans. Ha!

Scott and Megan said...

Oh man, I love that Blaine guy! He is such a great match for you and a really nice guy to all he meets. I too like that he just is HIMSELF! I'll never forget us playing softball in Yellowstone and him saying "No thanks!" LOVE HIM! xo