Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello, Autumn.

Nothing says Autumn like a brisk walk with the ipod and the kids in the double-wide.

Oh, and this gem.

C'mon, Fall. Bring it on.

Bless you, Febreze.


Jen Carter said...

I keep getting really excited about Fall....even though I'm fighting it...because it means its one step closer to Winter. Also, I'm going to be fat this Fall so it won't even be fun to wear cute warm clothes...Nevermind...I'm not excited anymore.

Alifinale said...

Thanks for the heads up on the fall febreze scent. That may be all the fall I will get to experience.

And please come be my neighbor? I wish it with all my heart of hearts.

Scott and Megan said...

I'm still laughing over Jen's comment. I agree, I love fall but HATE HATE double HATE what comes after fall! I feel like Jen I too will be fat this fall, just because, well, I am, so anyway.....I love Febreeze and didn't know of this autumn scent...I'm on the case! xo
T minus 28 hours

Angenette the Flat Broke Foodie said...

So, for those of us without superhuman eyes, what scent is the febreze?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE FALL!!!! I lit my fall candle this morning to get the kids ready for their first day of school. I have a "cinnamon strudel"....smells good enough to eat...candle. Needless to say, I've been hungry all day! Darn those candles....maybe I'd start my diet tomorrow?!
Have fun with the kiddos :)

dxeechick said...

fall is the bessssssssst. the clothes, the holidays, the weather. aaaah.

Alicia said...

It's called Pumpkin Harvest. It's awesome. :)

Laurel said...

Totally still have it from last year! Huzzah!!!