Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Okay--who's the jerk?

Not really "jerk", since I asked for it... I'm just betting it was Michelle (my sister) who voted (twice) for "Never. Suck it up, Alicia."
She knows just how emotionally unstable I am about the thought of NEVER leaving this house. And she's mean (and funny) enough to vote twice.
Michelle? What do you say?


Alifinale said...

Funny. I vote sooner so you can move by me.

And were you so embarrassed for me that I spelled GOB wrong? Brian totally mocked my fatal error. Sorry if it made you second guess being my friend.

LEE BIEN said...

Pretty funny, but don't blame me. I'm choosing a more positive outcome.

Laurel said...

He he he he he he he he he.

And no, it wasn't me.

brad and michelle said...

Who's the most sensitive (wo)man in the world?? (I'm talking "dolphin safe tuna" sensitive)

I didn't even notice your poll until now.


Alicia said...
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Tony and Whitney said...

ok, so I'll admit! I was one of the votes! Sorry that I caused such misery for you.