Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October fun at Thanksgiving Point

Well, in the midst of all these babies being born within days of each other, The Carters were in town and we had ourselves some October fun.

We went to Cornbelly's (stupidest name ever) at Thanksgiving Point and had a blast.

I only wish I were a better photographer and could have taken some decent night-pictures. (Maybe Sean or Jen were luckier than me.)

Anyway, it was really fun. This is my favorite time of year.

Poppy (the horse) and his boys (the cow and pig).

Gosh, Sarah looks like her daddy.

I love that both Jake and Steve are saying "cheese!"

I know this picture is awfully blurry... but it's the only one that shows a little of Cornbelly's.
Plus it's cute of Nona and Jack walking toward the slides.

Jake was in heaven jumping on the trampoline.
His cousin, Jack was running everywhere trying to jump on all the different trampolines and Jake kept looking for him and screaming, "Where's Jack!?!" Jake was having the time of his life on the gigantic trampoline and just knew Jack was missing out. It was pretty funny.

Jake and Poppy.

Climbing on the trains.

Good times.

I've gotten in trouble before for not taking pictures of anyone else at events like these. Jen, Doug, Sean, I'm sorry. My camera was having issues and I was preoccupied. I will work on this and do better next time. :) I love you guys.


Jen Carter said...

That was a lot of fun. I thought it was pretty hilarious when you had to meet Jake half way in the tube to get him to come out the other side.

Jessie said...

Cornbellys is an awful name, but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

I bet the grandkids just love Chris and Steve! Who wouldn't though, really.

Shum Girl said...

Me and Eva went to Barnyard Boo. It was super lame. We wish we would have gone to cornbelly's.