Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricks and Treats

Trick-or-treating was hilarious.
This was Jake's third Halloween but his first trick-or-treating experience.
And aside from the steer-wrestling of getting Jake in his costume, (Does anyone else deal with this?) It was pretty awesome. He loved going to our neighbors' and seeing his Nursery buddies... but he loved going to Grandma Molly's and trick-or-treating with Jack even more.

Even though this picture turned out blurry (hey it was raining and I was carrying Sarah, and an umbrella, and trying to take pictures), there's something about this image that makes me want to cry. :) I love that my boys are such pals.

The Pirate and the Space Ranger.
I love these cousins.

Deserae was adorable as Minnie Mouse.

Baby Miles was perfect in his little bat shirt.

Jake trick-or-treating on Molly's street.
This is shortly after he and Jack crapped their pants at the neighbors'. Molly's neighbor had a dummy set up on a motion sensor that shot up and scared the poor boys to death.
Jake and Jack cried and screamed.
Markelle and I laughed our butts off.
Does that make us bad Moms?

So, on Sunday I got the kiddos in their costumes again and set them up on the front porch. Since it was raining on Saturday, I didn't get to take any good pictures of my pirates.


Jake found our car. Sarah found the pumpkins.

Jake is easily distracted.

"What's in there, Mommy?"

Putting the lid back on.

Man, I've got cute kids.

Thar she be.



LEE BIEN said...

A big thanks from my happy heart! Gosh, they look so cute. Jake makes a wonderful pirate and Sarah's eyepatch? Priceless.

Markelle said...

ok, your freakin kids are adorable...the one Jake leaning forward on the stairs is awesome!

We should plan on scaring our kids again next year and record the whole thing. I think that makes me a bad mom:)

Amy said...

HAHAHAHA! I wish I was there to see the scaring of the little kids! I think that makes me just an all around bad person. And I have to agree with Markelle, your kids are pretty dang adorable!

Laurel said...

I loooove your pirates!!! I especially love imagining Jake and Jack crying of sheer terror and you and Markelle being completely entertained by it. (Was the laughter anything like when your chair broke?)

Happy Halloween, sister!

Shum Girl said...

Your little pirates are so cute. Sarah looks awesome!

The Haights said...

Your kids are pretty darn cute!! I love their costumes!

Scott and Megan said...

Saweet Georgia Brown...those are some sweet shots! Those kids are hilariously adorable! I am imagining Jake's terror something like last Tuesday nights trauma when Scott scared poor Jakey poo and he stiffened his arms and legs like he was going to have a seizure and fell back into my lap! Frightening! "Scotty scare me!" I just love little Jake man! Sarah is hilarious! Her eye patch is beyond words! The fact that she dwarfs the bumbo is the highlight of the entire post!

Shannon P. said...

OH MY GOLLY I want to eat them up! They are the cutest pirates ever!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

How darling! I love their costumes! CUte kiddo's.

Jen Carter said...

I'm kind of sad I missed Jake and Jack getting spooked. Damn Subway cravings.

Has all of that sugar worked its way out of Jakey's system yet? He was so hyper. HILARIOUS. (probably more to us than to you)

Jessie said...

HOLY TOLEDO your kiddos are so cute! Their costumes are perfect!

And the whole scaring thing.....awesome!

Kendee said...

Cute kids, buddy. Not a very girly costume for Miss Sarah... second child... destined to be the sidekick for life.

a disgruntled second child.