Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Carol

It's just not Christmas for me until we hit A Christmas Carol with the Carters. We see this every year as a family at Hale Theater in Orem. Every year it's awesome. This year was no exception... our favorite Scrooge was back in the saddle and was (as usual) amazing. I just love this story. I used to teach the book back in my teachin' days at Alta High and I admit, I kind of miss poring over every word with high-schoolers who couldn't care less.
Every year, I find myself a little emotional during the play. However, this year, there was one scene that killed me a little more than usual... In Hale's adaptation, following the the scene where the Ghost of Christmas Future takes Scrooge to the Cratchits' to see how they are faring without Tiny Tim, the audience sees the Cratchit family visit Tim's grave. Here, Bob Cratchit sings the song What Child is This? so beautifully. Maybe it's the mother in me, but I sat there, listening to the emotion, grief, and reverence in this man's voice, and cried like a little girl. It was really a beautiful moment for me... sniffing in the dark, holding Blaine's hand, missing my babies who were safe and sound with Scotty and May May (thanks again!), and hearing Blaine sniff his way through the song as well. It's pretty great being a mom... but even better being a mom with a guy like mine.
Cheesy, I know... but hey, I may as well top it off with a little more... God bless us, everyone! :)

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LEE BIEN said...

I suppose you inherited your emotional gene from me (and your dad too, though he hides it well) because I got teary just reading about this scene from the play. What a wonderful tradition.