Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Best... The Christmas Version

Now that there are two Carter kids, I thought it was high time we did Christmas outfits for the holidays. I think I scored with these, as they can wear them past December 25th (Crazy 8--my new favorite store). Anyway, After church we tried to take a few pictures. They actually turned out a little better than I thought they would. There were a few tears shed, an (almost) fall off the ottoman, a crushed sister, and a well-deserved punishment to a big brother. I thought about doing a do-over today, but I'm too lazy.

These ones of Sarah are for Nona.
(Is it just me, or this the cutest dress you've ever seen?)

Jake is actually really, very sweet to Sarah. He wasn't punished for being mean to her. He was being (very) disobedient... something we are trying to work on around here.

Funny kids.
I like these kids.


Jessie said...

Darling outfits!

VERY darling kids!

Last picture is so sweet!

Alifinale said...

I like them too. So cute. Love their Sunday best. Where was your Sunday best?

dxeechick said...

Super duper cuteness

Laurel said...

I've gotta say, I'd probably blame YOU for the ottoman fall, as you did sit tour 6-month-old on an OTTOMAN! I'm just saying.

Love you and your beautiful kids!!!

Karin said...

Love the "whispering" picture. Love that happy family picture time always turns into an ornery bribe-fest. Ahh, the things we do. We should go back 75 years and everyone just stare at the camera. Forget the smiles.

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Those are too cute!

Tony and Whitney said...

So cute! And, I LOVE Crazy 8s. Good stuff, and great prices!

LEE BIEN said...