Sunday, March 20, 2011

Van Douglas Carter

Van Douglas Carter was born on Saturday, March 19th.
7 lbs. 2 oz. 19 in.
Jen and baby are doing great (despite a cesarean birth). As soon as we had the green light, we jumped in the car and headed south to meet the newest Carter.

 Jake was less than excited about the impromptu photo shoot in the car.

 Hanging out in the waiting room.


 I saved the best for last. I love this picture. Doug is already a great daddy.

Van the man.

And Jen's already a great mommy.


Laurel said...

NO WAY!!! Oh, I'm so happy for them! And yes, those pictures are pretty amazing.

(Your kiddos are pretty cute, too, btw...)

katie mcphee said...

OH your kids are so cute! i love how in most series of photos that you get, there is one of sarah looking at jake. so cute :) & yeah for doug & jen! van is a cutie! so excited for them!

LEE BIEN said...

Congratulations to Doug and Jen. We love the Carter family!

jessie said...

Yay for a new Carter boy! Congrats to Doug and Jen! I told Grant that Doug is now a daddy and he was trippin'! (he said, "ahhh, doug's gonna be a good dad!)

ps. can we get our kids together to play before they go to high school? freak.

Shum Girl said...

I miss my brand new baby!

Okie said...

Great pix/post. That's awesome!