Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Baby Shower

I am going through these pictures to give to the "mommy", and I just have to post some of these... my friend, Rachael threw a ward baby shower for our friend, Stacey. It turned out so darling. Who knew you could make the primary room look so glamorous? Good job, Rachael (and Kimmy, Mindy, and everyone else who helped).

Stacey is the one wearing purple.
(And the one who just happens to be pregnant... duh.)

 Melanie getting some goodies.

 Handmade (by Maria) banner for the baby's room.

 Hollie and Miley.

  Kimmy, Melanie, Edna, and Rachael.

Stacey and April.
I had a lot to talk to April about. We bought our house from her (and her family) almost five years ago.
I may have asked her what her secret was. :)

 Sabrina and Tracy.

 Kimmy and Allie.

 April and Lyn.

And... long lost Erin. She and her family moved out of our ward a couple years ago. Here she is with her fifth little boy. So cute.


Rachael said...

Thank YOU for all of your help!!!! It did turn out cute!

(And no, I'm not giving you April's email address....)

Karin said...

Nice pix! LOVE that Gracie banner! (yeah, I clicked to enlarge it to get another girl name idea. Man I hope ours is born with a nametag...)