Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Park

So, my friend, Kimmy started up this awesome play-group with some neighbors. I have LOVED doing this and LOVE the moms that are involved.

Sarah and Karley

Sarah in shades.

Melanie and her girls, Josie and Carly.

Kimmy and Karley

Karley swinging. I don't know why this struck me so funny. I love that her little arms are tucked in.

Funny, right? So cute.

Cute kids. (Jake was there too... he was just busy climbing his life away.)


Markelle said...

alright, where are you and aren't you currently drinking butter beer and playing quidditch?

anyhoo, play groups are the best...

Christy said...

I love playgroups, and I love great parks. I never realized how much I took them for granted being everywhere in the states until I came here and there isn't one in my town (well that I know of but I live in a small town). they have some cool towns but I have drive far to get to them. Sarah looks so darling and yes, that little girl looks so darling with her hands tucked into the swing. so cute!

Candice said...

right - how are you blogging on your Disney Vacation? That's dedication to the readers. No wonder you have such a following.

Jen Carter said...

I can't wait for play groups. How fun! Hope you guys are having a blast in Florida. I'm still super jealous!

LEE BIEN said...

Sarah looks so dang cute. Hope you are having a fun time. See you next week.

Rachael said...

Sooo J.E.A.L.O.U.S.!!!!!!