Saturday, May 7, 2011

Disney World! {Friday}

"Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday..." (Jake's favorite song, by the way.)
We headed over to Disney's Animal Kingdom during the day, then Magic Kingdom again for the evening. Animal Kingdom was a pretty amazing zoo.
The Kilimanjaro Safari ride was really impressive. You get right up close to some of these animals and have an entertaining driver to boot. It's kind of like Disney's Jungle Cruise, except, you know, the animals are real.
We also dug Expedition Everest--a sweet roller-coaster that we got to do twice.

My camera settings were off (surprise), but I kinda like this picture anyway.

And this one too. I'll take a Coke in any language.

Expedition Everest.

Pretty flowers.

Pretty girl.

On our safari. Jake liked the animals okay... I think he was more into sitting on Poppy's lap.

Cool, right?

Just checking out the wildlife.

I've always had a thing for giraffes. Not sure why.


A sad-looking rhino.

One handsome little boy.

Blaine checking out Pride Rock.

And holding a sleeping Simba.

This was my favorite things about Animal Kingdom: The Tree of Life. The entire tree has incredible animals carved into it. The detail on this tree is amazing.

We let Jake run around in the Boneyard-- a cool play area for kids. He became a miniature Paleontologist for a while and didn't want to leave.

I feel like a lot of my Magic Kingdom pictures are redundant. Oh well.

These mosaics are in the breezeway through Cinderella's Castle. So cool. I wish I had a better picture.

Disney World still has The Country Bear Jamboree-- which is so awesome. Jake is still talking about the bear that came down from the lights on a swing.

I'm still talking about Big Al's "Blood on the Saddle".

This was our last night in Magic Kingdom, so we took advantage of the Electric Parade one more time and got to see Pete and his Dragon.

Same picture from earlier in the week, but at night. See? Redundant.

Bye, bye Magic Kingdom.

By the way... Not to play favorites but, here's what we thought about some of the rides in 
Disneyworld vs. Disneyland:

Pirates of the Caribbean is better in Disneyland. (But the line is all indoors and better in Disneyworld.
The Haunted Mansion is better in Disneyworld.
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is better in Disneyland.
Splash Mountain is better in Disneyworld. (And much bigger and longer.)
Small World's line is all indoors but the new add-ons are left out in Disneyworld.
Disneyworld still has The Swiss Family Treehouse! (Which I love.)

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