Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter's in the Spring, right?

The blog is sooooooo far behind... That being said, I am making quite the living grading for the Alta High school's English department. {Or something like it.} Considering that, late last night, while I was grading paper after paper on Of Mice and Men and its theme of loneliness amongst the various characters, Blaine was working overtime and making 790% more than me per hour. But, it's okay... Who's keeping score?... it's our money, after-all. :) {Yeah... I tried to figure out that percentage on my own. It's probably wrong. Go ahead and laugh. We all know how much I suck at math.}

So, it's not big bucks, but I have been grading again this school year for Alta High School. I don't particularly enjoy it, per se, but I feel like it keeps me current as well as keeps my big, fat foot in the door. Which door? I don't really know. Anyway, all this grading has been tedious and time-consuming, and made me appreciate the little joys of playing on the floor with the kiddos. Architecting {it's a word!} all kinds of kick-A Lego creations with Jake, and teaching Sarah to master going up and down the stairs on her own. Being a mom is awesome. And I love being a stay-at-home one to boot.

Anyway, this post is about Easter {I think}. And even though it's been over now for weeks, I still want to blog it. We returned home from our Disney vacation late-morning on Easter Sunday. We were dog-tired, but managed to get home, get the kids in their beds, take a family snooze for a couple hours, then deal with Easter. I was smart enough to put together the kids' baskets, as well as pick up a package of PAAS and eggies before we left for Florida. {But not smart enough to get an Easter Sunday meal planned or shopped for.} Anyway, we did have a nice, relaxing Easter. I didn't do Easter outfits or Easter pictures since I knew we wouldn't be home in time for church, but we did eat a lot of Cadbury chocolate--which is all that matters anyway.

Checking out their loot.

Showing me her yogart melts.

Funny kids.

Jake was hilarious dying the eggs. He was so excited to participate and was so careless about handling the eggs. He'd throw them around with no regard for their wet dye or fragile shells.

Eleven eggs make twenty-two deviled eggs. 
I know, I ate all of them.
{Actually, I think I ate about half. Then, my brother, Scott came over and ate the rest of them.}

Here's proof that we had a little Spring this year.
I love Springtime blossoms. They don't last long, but they are amazing.


LEE BIEN said...

Why do I love holiday rituals so much? There is something special about dyeing Easter eggs, carving Halloween pumpkins, writing your name in the air with Fourth of July sparklers, etc. Congratulations for coming home from vacation and still taking the time to make Easter fun.

Scott and Megan said...

I am impressed that you took the time to celebrate Easter even though you were dog tired! Those two rascals are ADORABLE!

jessie said...

Girl, you are on top of things! Having Easter ready to go, when you get home from a trip.....that really is impressive!

Darling little ones! They look so proud of all their Easter goodies! :)