Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jake Says:

I'm copying my friend, Becca and her "Eli Says:" posts, but oh well.
This kid says some cute and funny crap and I need to document it somehow. Here are a few: (Some recent and some not-so-recent)

(After purposely throwing his "star blanket" on the floor before nap-time)

Jake: "Oh-oh,  my star blanket! Mommy-- go get it?"

Me: "No, Jake. You threw it on the floor. I watched you do it."

Jake: (Eyes bright and big) "Um... Handy Helper (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) go get it?"

(I think we need to talk about the implications "Handy Helper" is making on my two and a half year old. Clearly, he thinks the "Handy Helper" is Mickey's robotic-armed mother.)

(Jake was enjoying singing "The Wheels on the Bus" with my mom while my parents were here a couple weeks ago)

Dee Dee: "The babies on the bus go, 'Waaah, waaah, waah!'--"

Jake: "No! I no want to sing the babies on the bus part."

Dee Dee: "Why not?"

Jake: "It's just too sad."

(Jake was in trouble for shoving his cousin, Kaiya. So, I made him sit on the rug for a while. He, of course, threw a fit  and scanned the room for someone to help him. He's really good at finding the "weakest link")

Jake: "May May! Help me!"

Megan: (Very concerned and very flattered that Jake has singled her out like this.)"What?! What's wrong, Jake?"

Me: "He's in trouble for pushing Kaiya."

Jake: "Help me, May May! I'm so sad!)

Me: (Rolls eyes.)

(After wandering into our room this morning, Jake was coercing Blaine into getting out of bed and taking him downstairs.)

Jake: "Come on, Daddy. Get up. I want to go downstairs."

Me: (Rolling over to face the situation upon us.)

Jake: "Hi Mommy. You're so pretty."

Me: "Thank you, Jake! That's so nice! I love you, buddy."

Jake: "You're welcome."

Me: "Okay, I'll do whatever you want. Let's go make french toast."

Jake: "Mommy, you're so funny."

(This really happened. I'm not making it up. Although, I do admit to asking Jake to tell me these kinds of things when he wants me to do something for him.
However, this was the first time it ever worked without any prompting from me. HA! It's working...)


LEE BIEN said...

I love my boy Jake! Thanks for sharing his priceless comments.

Michelle said...

I think you're pretty and funny too. Can I have a pony?

Shum Girl said...

He is so cute. We need to hang out more.
Eva is starting to tell me I am pretty. I love it.

Scott and Megan said...

I love Michelle's comment! I will ALWAYS be the weakest link, WITH PRIDE! The day I am not, will be a sad, sad day, I will NOT let it happen. I would hope he would choose ME over POPPY for being a SUCKER!!! I also love the "Scott, you're funny" story! I love what comes out of Jakey's mouth. Has he said dumptruck to you yet? That day in the car when he was pointing it out to me was magical!

dxeechick said...

Yay! Jake-speak will be fun to read!

Markelle said...

HA! love that boy, he is so smart...Jack always tells me I'm funny too. "ohhh mom, you're funny." I'll take it