Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day feeling pretty yucky. Jake had a fever of 103 and Sarah's nose was running like Niagra.  Blaine and I were down for the count, but I managed to get a great dinner made by my great husband anyway.

Mother's Day has had me in a state of reflection for weeks now... My mom is the greatest. She rocks. {For real, she totally does.} My mother-in-law is the bomb. {Jealous?} I have a wonderful Nannie {Grandma} whom I talk to often. I didn't know my Grandma Lee, but I know she's great, too. I'm influenced by these amazing women every single day. But that's not really why I'm writing this...

Motherhood is really hard. I love it. There are moments where my patience and inner-peace is so far away from me, I can't see it at all. But, there are also moments in which I experience such happiness-- such joy-- that I can't contain it, let alone describe it. Sometimes, when I am in these moments, I can't believe that these are my kids.  I am surprised by the sense of pride and fulfillment involved in being a mom. They are beautiful, and genius, and so perfect for me, and I'm incredibly lucky to have them.

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LEE BIEN said...

Thanks. My whole world got even better on February 21, 1979. It's a wonderful circle, isn't it?