Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sarah's First Birthday

We celebrated Sarah's birthday on her actual birthday this year. It was really fun and {as always} we love having all our family over for these kinds of things.

The invite. {Hanging on our fridge.}

The Richardsons.

Megan and Benny.

Love this.

He's trying to prove to me {again} that he used to be fat. C'mon, Brett.

The fam.

Love this too.

The birthday girl with Aunt Laurel.

Uncle Doug.

Scarlett and Sarah. I love that these girls are only about five months apart... they are destined to be besties.

Scarlett smiles on demand. I love it.

Pretty birthday girl.

Scarlett trying to grab her cousin...

Then maybe a little pissed that Sarah thinks she can just walk crawl away.

Cute ruffle bum.

Playing under the table.

Cake pops. Yes, I made them. Yes, they were the bomb.
{One hundred cake pops are too many to make by the way.}
I only wish we had taken pictures of the beautiful brats Blaine cooked for everyone. We also had delicious sauerkraut and cabbage from Siegfried's. Yum.

The little kitty piano-keyboard from Richardsons and Walkers that is now driving me nuts {not all the time... just when it begins purring because it was left on and freaks me out... it's actually adorable}.

Megan is a champ at getting little Ben to laugh out loud.

All the cousins helping to open presents.
{I figured that Sarah didn't know any better.}


The spectators.

Doug and Jen.

Dress and matching coat from Dee Dee and Pop Pop.

Everyone checking out the princess book.
{I think Kaiya was disappointed this this didn't go home with her.}

The new walker/stroller from Mom and Dad.

Sarah seemed to enjoy all the attention.

Cute Little People dollhouse from Nona and Poppy.

Brent, Miles, and Blaine.
{I don't know how many pictures there are out there of these two sitting on these stairs just like this.... Also--where is Markelle? I hate when I don't get pictures of everyone.}

Pretending to blow out candles.

Sarah was so funny eating her cake.
She took a little off the top to taste it and then was off. I've never seen anything like it. She devoured {or demolished} the entire thing. When Jakey turned one, we really had to coerce him into diving into the cake. 
Not this girl.
She went in head-first.

I love her look here... like she's making sure it's cool to eat it like this.

She's either blowing a kiss or shoving more cake in her hole.

 I think at this point Sarah may have mistaken her cake for play-dough.

 Isabel came in and was appalled at the mess her cousin was making. 
{This was her real reaction.}

 However, once Sarah decided to tip her plate over, we decided she was done.

 Off to the bath.

 I love the pleased look she has on her face.

 These next pictures are from the day after the party. We were still snacking on cake-pops {the ones we didn't give away} and hanging out in the back yard. I think they still have a certain birthday feel to them though... Maybe not... but it's fun to see the kids enjoying their treats.

 Good 'til the last bite.

 Jake was a good poser for me.

I have to document the cat:
For Jake's first birthday, we bought him the cutest Jellycat stuffed doggy. I've been obsessed with the idea of getting Sarah the pink kitty since... well probably since we found out that Sarah was a girl. However, I put off buying it much too late, because everywhere I tried locally was out of stock. Ugh. Long story short-- {too late} --the pink kitty was ordered online and arrived the day after her party. Oh well. It's so cute and much better than the pink piggy I almost settled on. I know, I know. I'm nuts. Go ahead and say it. It's true.

 Proof that the doggy exists. I'm glad Jake's buddy has a pal to hang out with now.


Mom of three ♥ said...

Such fun pics! Sarah is so cute! I love the dog and kitty too so cute!

Laurel said...

Her party was so much fun. Thanks for getting us all together to celebrate your girl! I love her and I love you.

She was adorable with her cake and gifts, the cake pops were delicious, and I'm so glad we all live close enough together to celebrate these things so often.

Happy Birthday, Sarah girl!

(ps. I can't wait for Sarah and Scarlett to be best friends, and am I allowed to say that I really like that picture of Jason and me in our little family photo?)

Candice said...

Oh those eyes. She is such a beauty.

And I love that pic of Isabel's reaction to the cake mess. So funny.

jessie said...

Such great pics!

Those pictures of Sarah and her cake are so funny! She took that cake down!

And those cake pops....aren't those things so dang good?!?!

Can't believer our babies are one. Freak.

LEE BIEN said...

Awesome birthday party! I love my sweet, beautiful Sarah.

Michelle said...

I guess i haven't checked your blog in a while. Sorry! I love, love these pictures of Sarah's big day. She is such a fun, beautiful girl and we had a lot of fun celebrating with you guys.