Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hogle Zoo

While the Carters were in town last weekend, we decided the zoo needed a visit from us. Apparently, everyone else in Salt Lake also thought the same thing because it was packed. {Actually, the parking lot was packed. The zoo wasn't bad at all.} Anyway, it turned out to be a perfect day. It wasn't too hot and we had a nice breeze the whole time we were there. The animals were in good spirits also, and didn't spend the whole day inside and looking depressed.

This is a goofy-looking picture of Jakey... but his eyes look so great here. He had a little accident playing at Jack's house a couple days before this was taken and split his gums wide open. His lip is pretty swollen.

Jack with blue teeth.

The family.
Of course, we had to ride the train... and luckily, Jake's conductor hat was in my purse. :)

Love this boy.

Playing on the wooden horsey.

Mrs. Jumbo.

Sarah girl.

Blaine is so handsome.

This picture of Jack with Poppy is so cute.

We told Jake the baby elephant was Dumbo.

Jake took this picture of Doug and Jen.

And this one of Daddy and Sarah.

Riding the carousel... {there are a lot of these}.

Sarah's expression here is so funny.

I think it's so funny that she looks like she is riding by herself here.

Awe... Miles.

Jack and Jake were having fun playing with their zoo animal drinks.

Eating Nona's ice cream cone.

The giraffes.

Markelle and Jack-man.

Trying to be big.

Nona and Sarah.

Sleepy Miles.

Baby Van.

Just look at this kid. So cute.

Jen's such a cute mommy.

This girl fought sleep all day and was asleep before we left our parking spot.


Christy said...

I'm not such a fan of the zoos. They freak me out. But you've kind of made me want to take spencer. He probably would enjoy it. I love grandma and grandpa time with the kiddos. Glad they could come visit!

Mom of three ♥ said...

Looks so fun! I need to take my kids. BTW cute carseat cover on Sarah's seat. :)

katie mcphee said...

adorable children! the carters make the cutest babies! looks like the zoo was fun, we went when we were in ut a couple of weeks ago & it was PACKED!
love all the photos!

Jen Carter said...

We have a bunch of cute Carter kids. Fun trip. I love how bored Sarah looks on the carousel, and the one of the boys in front of the gorilla outlines. So cute!

Johnsons Part Deux said...

Um hi, that hat!??!? Adorable! Glad to see you soaking up some *decent* weather!!!

Scott and Megan said...

Leesh, these pictures are so darn adorable! Jen is right, those Carter kids are adorable! WOWZA!! HOWEVER, the cutest one there....IS YOU! You look so cute in all these pictures and so young holy cow, I can't believe those two kids are yours and we were just sitting in the benches listening to Bishop Richards lecture us on "sleepovers." blah, blah, blah. :)

Markelle said...

love all of em. hope you didn't feel like you had to post a ton of the carousel pics. I was just paranoid I wouldn't get any.

and the boys playing with their drinks is so cute. oh and Jake in his little hat? adorable.

thank goodness we got pictures of this zoo trip. Like you said, "whats the point if you can't blog about it." HA!