Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday at Molly's

One of my favorite things about the Carters coming to town in the Spring is the Sunday afternoon spent at Grandma Molly's house in Lindon. The yard is amazing and the company is great. There is something about sitting in the shade while the kids run amok that I just love.

This is Carly's little girl, Molly. She is named after Steve's mom, Molly {Carly's grandma}.

Molly and Sarah "sharing" toys.
We were pretty entertained by this.

Jake loves the sandbox.

Teaching Sarah to jump.


I have no idea what this tennis ball is doing in this tree, but I think it's so cool that the tree is growing around it.

I'll bet we took at least 20 pictures of the family {sans Sean} and this is the best we have. Hilarious. If I was less vain, I would post all of them.

Blaine's fam.

Brent's fam.

Doug's fam.

Again, not a single "good" picture... but these are too cute not to share.

We were attempting a picture of Steve and Chris's kids with Wes and Molly.
We are all laughing because we took about ten before we realized Christopher was "bombing" our picture the whole time. I love this kid.
{But who's the gorilla in the black and white stripes?}

More trampoline.

Jakey getting a haircut from Aunt Jen.

And Sarah dreaming of the day she'll actually need a haircut too.


birdseyejewelry said...
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Markelle said...

I'm the idiot that deleted the above comment. Just adding to the love of Molly's house in Spring and Summer. We also need a descent pic of all of us and one with Sean too!

dxeechick said...

sarah's little outfit KILLS me. i better have a girl one of these days, if not only for the clothes alone. so stinkin' CUTE!

LEE BIEN said...

Molly's yard is fantastic. I'm glad the Carters could get together. I especially like the "Blaine's fam" photo; you all look awesome. By the way, Chris looks great in every picture. Pass it on.

Jen Carter said...

Where was I when Carly was there? Totally missed that. I love those Sundays!

jessie said...

I love the family pictures! Even the candid ones totally had my smiling from ear to ear.

Also, the ones of Chris and Steve with the grandkids are so sweet! Such great grandparents!