Friday, July 8, 2011

The Kempton Crew

At the end of June, the Kempton Crew drove up from the heat of Arizona for Jeff and Ashlee's baby blessing {Miles Wade Kempton}. We loved hanging out with them and I LOVED housing Nannie, LaChae, and her kids. It was so much fun, but much too short. Come back, Kemptons!

On Saturday, we met up at a park in Provo and had a little reunion/picnic time. It was so great to visit with this family. Even though my uncle Wade's family was always in Arizona and the Lees were always in Utah, these cousins were always our favorites. 
Here's Wade, Jeff, Amber, and Cindy.
Amber, David, and Lisa.

Jacki and Caleb.

Jason, Laurel {holding Scarlett}, and Nannie.

Little Ben and Scarlett checking each other out.

Oh, I loved watching my cousin, Jeff teach Jake to hit a ball. It was adorable.

But, LaChae's little Lily is a real pro. She can really hit!

Each time Jeff would get ready to throw Lily the ball, she would smack the ground three times with her bat, then move into position. It was awesome.

Jake and Isabel really wanted to get in the pool that was next door.

Blaine and Sarah with the same expression. Doesn't Blaine look handsome in his Vince Vaughn shirt I bought him for Father's Day? Hott.

Running back to the playground hand in hand.

Kate, Maddie, Lily, Jake, Isabel, Kaiya, Wyatt, Ben, Sarah, Caleb, and Scarlett.

These cousin pictures were surprisingly painless. Everyone was pretty good... even though Sarah thought it would be hilarious to take out Ben and Caleb's pacifiers. {It kind of was.}

She got it.

She's looking at it.

She smashes it back into poor Ben's face... but I think he digs it.

Now it's crooked, and she knows she's funny.

These ones of all the kids {even Miles!} and Nannie are so great.

I had to include this one of Kaiya's adoring face.

The Kempton girls: Amber, LaChae, and Jacki.

The Lee girls: Michelle, me, and Laurel.

I really wish Megan had been here for this one...
Ashlee, Amber, LaChae, Jacki, Laurel, me, and Michelle.
It was really sweet to hear Nannie talk about how she was emotional while we were taking this picture together.

Nannie and baby Miles.

Wade is such a cute Grandpa playing with little Maddie and Kate.

Maddie really is Jacki Jr.


Pretty Cindy.

Miles loved cuddling with Nan.

Jacki and her hubby, Jeff.


The girls.

The boys.

This is Sarah after she threw up the Nerf football she ate for lunch. I swear, she is half goat.

This was Sunday after the baby blessing. The Kemptons {and Ashlee's family} were so nice to invite us over for Ashlee's parents' house following the blessing.

Scott and Sarah playing.

Holding baby Miles.

Sarah was a real ham sitting in this chair. I think she posed for at least dozen pictures by me, Scott, and Laurel.

Jacki and me.

LaChae and me.
I loved catching up with LaChae. I'm so happy she stayed with me this trip even though it was a lot of driving for her. She and I lived together for two years in college and had a blast. She will always be one of my very best friends.

Jacki and Laurel.

Here I am trying to pose like Megan in pictures. Seriously, she always poses just so so it doesn't look forced. She always looks skinny, and natural, and super hott. I need some tips. I suck at taking pictures.
{And no, this isn't a scheme to get a compliment. I promise.}

I love that this picture is last... what a doll! Little Caleb is the fastest little crawler I've ever seen. He is such a boy, and man--he is the spitting image of my brother Scott in this picture. There is a picture of Scott at about this age sneaking candy from a gingerbread house where his expression looks just like this. 


LEE BIEN said...

WOW! I wish I could have been there. I am thankful every day for our wonderful family.

Mom of three ♥ said...

What fun times with family!

Scott and Megan said...

You flatter me to no end!!! I love the family photos and you are a GREAT photogenic gal in picgtures, silly!!! I personally think you are hotter than fire! I wish I could have been there on that Saturday fiesta...those grandkids are TOO cute for words!xo

Jim said...

Thanks for the Kempton family update!! LaChae's Lily and Jackie's Maddie look JUST like them! Adorable.