Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Mexican Fourth

To say we had a lot of fun in New Mexico is an understatement. It was awesomely epic. I have seen Doug and Jen's and Sean's pictures and I think it is fair to say these don't do the long weekend justice. It was perfect.

First things first-- get in the pool!

Jake found that he had a knack for the water-guns.

It took Sean and I a few tries to get this one.

We all had fun with the underwater camera case.

Everything's better with an Otter-Pop.

Love this boy.

Baby Van.

In the "boat".

Under the "boat".

I love Jack's expression here... it took him a while to warm up to the water, but when he did, he was full-throttle.

An intense game of water-basket-ball.
(At this point in the weekend, Blaine was under strict "beach-jail" arrest.)

The boys.

More water-basket-ball.

Oh, I love Amy.

If you're lucky enough to know the Carter boys, you know their affinity for making up ridiculous games and/and or competitions. This game/competition was called, "How Much Can You Take?" It started small, then escalated from there.

On the way to Durango for the afternoon.

We wore poor Jake out in the pool.

Oh, Blaine.

On our way to see the trains.


The train museum.

This model train set-up made Disney World's look pint-size. Jake was in heaven.

Blurry picture, but Miles (mini-Brent) is too cute.

Here comes the train!

Jen helping the boys sort and count their rocks.

Swinging at the park.

I promise she loves it. She cries whenever we take her out.


This is from the night of the third. Farmington actually does fireworks on the third every year (genius!) We loved watching fireworks and playing with the glow-sticks we brought.


LEE BIEN said...

F.U.N.!!! Love the Carter family.

Jen Carter said...

Oh I wish we could go there more often. It's always a blast.

Scott and Megan said...

I am mezmerized (sp?) by your photos! They are all fantastic!! The kids look so cute and it is always so awesome to see that the adults are ALWAYS having as much fun as the kids. Those Carters know how to do it right! I like to pretend I go with you to all Carter events :). O Seany boy!!!

Brad said...

I love the shot that you took of yourself in the old rustic train window.

dxeechick said...

Looks so fun and the pictures are fantastic!

Michelle said...

I feel bad that I barely comment on your blog anymore. I always intend to, but then by the time I get two free hands you have another post up! Anyhoo - these pictures are awesome; you guys always have so much fun together. I'm seriously jealous.

Haley Hill said...

Fun fun! I love how you and your sisters always have a rogue picture with a Diet Coke in there somewhere...my kind of gals :)

Kendee said...

Did you know that I have smashed a few coins under the Silverton train in my youth? Love Durange and Silverton. How fun!

Jen & George Scott said...

Wow, I love the pics!!! Looks like you guys had such a blast!!!