Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How I Met Your Mother

I don't know why I hesitated to give this show a decent chance.
(I think it was the laugh-track.)
This show is how I have spent my TV-watching this summer. I love it.
(Well, this, and a lot of HGTV.)

Oh, Barney.


Candice said...

I'll take your endorsement into consideration. this is one of those shows that is always on and I always flip to something else. Just like "Everybody loves Raymond"

Maybe I'll put the remote down next time I see it.

Jen Carter said...

Maybe we need to give it another shot. We watched a few episodes and didn't care for it much. I'm out of things to watch though....til mid September!

Alifinale said...

Its funny stuff. Lily and Marshall are just like Brian and I so I can totally relate. Pretend.

Angenette said...

It's funny. Def PG13, so I can't suggest it to my molly friends, but I love it.

Michelle said...

Oh, Doogie.

dxeechick said...

Suit UP! Its part of the bro code.