Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You know you know nothing at all abut being a mom, when during a nightly bedtime fight with your 3-year-old, he strokes your arm and says, "I'll take care of you, Mommy. I'll stay with you. It's okay."

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... especially when he then apologized for getting out of bed, and said he "promised" to "stay in bed all night", and that he was my "good boy now".

Cute, right?

Too bad he's a liar.
He didn't "stay in bed" for another hour and a half.


Markelle said...

So cute. I love his little voice too. I often find myself being corrected or learning something from Jack.

and I love the quote down below, because I am not even an English major and I find myself doing the same.

Karin said...

Aw, glad your recording his innocence so that in 5 year's, when he's talking back too you, you can remember the sweet boy who is somewhere in that big-boy body.
p.s. I liked you're previouse post;)
I imagine there are 2 types of people out there; those who are bugged by incorrect grammar and those who commit the crime.

dxeechick said...

awwww little turd ;)