Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jake's Birthday Party

Jake's big day began as soon as he woke up. We had special pancakes (Mickey Mouse pancakes!) with a candle and everything.
P.S. He had to run upstairs and get his Mickey for birthday pancakes. Love it.

Here's a shot of Jake's invite on the fridge.

Pigs-n-blankets, Blaine's corn on the cob, queso, chips-n-salsa, fruit skewers, and lime-aid.

The kids hanging out in the backyard.

Opening presents.
Jake totally "got" the whole presents thing this year. It was so fun watching him get excited.

Birthday buddies.
Jack and Isabel share a birthday.

I promise that these pictures of Blaine and Sarah will make you so happy.

Told ya.

Tidmouth Sheds from Nona and Poppy.
Mom and Dad got him, Victor, Mavis, Emily, and Hiro.
He was thrilled.

These kids are so hilarious.
Sarah, Jakey, Scarlett, Jack, Miles, Ben, Isabel, and Kaiya.

The big 3.

Oh, I love this boy.

And this girl, too.

Poor Ben fell victim to Scott's taste-testing.

A pretty good day. :)


Scott and Megan said...

It was a freakin' awesome day! I loved the party. It was so, so much fun. Thanks Jake for being borned!

Christy said...

Spencer and Jake have a mutual obsession for Thomas. I loved hearing the Thomas trains and shed he got. We seriously gotta get them together when we get back into town to play trains. We'll never separate them. :) Looks like a great party! Wouldn't expect anything less from you. :)

jessie said...

Cant hardly handle the fact that our boys are turning three! Well, I guess Jake is already three....but you get the point.

Happy Birthday Jake! Looks like he had a great birthday!

LEE BIEN said...

All those kids lined up on your couch remind me of "Little Rascals". What a fun, fun day.

Cara said...

You are such a classy lady Alicia. Fun Party!

Laurel said...

I love you and your kids. A lot.