Friday, October 14, 2011

The wedding drive...

The drive to Spokane for Brett's wedding was long, pretty, and (mostly) not so bad.

Michelle and Kaiya sleeping. Adorable.

There was another sleeping Michelle that is still on my phone. Since I am such an awesome sister I will not post it here.
However, with the right bribe, I will consider it. :)

Michelle was trying to get in on our rendition on "Little House in the Woods" from the front seat.

This one of Kaiya kills me.

Here's Jake giving his Percy train a "wash down".

Sleeping Sarah.

Sleeping Ben.

P.S. Ben is the best kid on a road-trip I've ever heard of in my life. Seriously. This little boy is the sweetest, most gentle little guy ever.

This super creepy Ronald McDonald is proof that we were indeed in Dillon, Montana for a little bit.
Hi, Matty! Sorry that you have such a creeper at your McDonald's. That blows.


Laurel said...

Oh, my gosh. That Ronald is seriously the creepiest clown ever. Jason and I both agree.

And what'll it take to publicly see that phone pic of Michelle???

dxeechick said...

HAHAHAHA! that clown is freakin' ridiculous!

Kristin and Guy said...

Holy cow, I totally would've driven out to spokane for the wedding had I known the date! Invited, or not! ;) Hope everything went well.

Markelle said...

First of all I definitely want to see the other picture of Michelle, and second I thought Michelle was making the sign for vagina.(not only is that word hard to say but type as well)

Alicia said...

There's a sign for the vagina?