Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Waaaaaayyy back in September (the 24th, exactly) my little brother Brett married Robyn in the Spokane Temple. It was so awesome. I loved every second of this weeding trip (as short as it was). Everything about the wedding was amazing, but I think my favorite part of it all was the actual sealing ceremony. It was really special to be there with my entire family... my parents and all of my siblings (minus Elder Matt Lee), plus my hubs and all my in-laws as well.

Well, a lot of my pictures didn't really turn out very well, so I stole some from Laurel. Get ready for a bunch of pics. I figure it took me long enough to get these on here, I should at least pay a generous tribute to the blessed event.

The happy couple.

Kaiya ran right past Uncle Brett to hug her new Aunt Robyn. It was awesome... even if Brett felt a little snubbed.

Pretty Isabel.

Blaine and his little doppleganger.

Dads and kids and cute.

I think Kaiya insisted that Robyn tie her sash.


Megan and me.

 Nannie Belle.

 DeeDee and Benny.

 Robyn's cute family.

Brett with his new sisters.

Robyn and her mom, Jennifer.
(I wish I had some pictures of their choreographed dance routine at the reception. It was hilarious.)

May May and Scotty.


I love this one.

The Richardsons.

Nannie and Lisa representing the Kempton Clan.

Sarah loved her pretty dress, bow, and bracelet that matched Mommy's

Jake would not let go of these "train friends" the entire trip.

Lovin' on Jakey.

Cute cousins.

This would be the cutest picture of my kid ever, were it not for the river of drool pouring down his face... What's going on?? This is weird that he always does this, right?

Some of Brett's cute buddies.
They were so cool to make the trip up for the wedding.

Oh, the dreaded family picture.
Why is is sooooooo hard to take a decent group picture?

This picture is so funny to me.

 I love these guys.

Robyn with the gang.
(That's her darling friend, Jill with her.)

 Playing with trains. On the ground. In his suit. *sigh*

Not sure what's going on here... She might be trying to copy Robyn in the next picture?

My wonderful parents.

Laurel got some very cool shots of the Temple.

My pretty sisters.

Me with my pretty mom.

The sibs.
Sure miss Matty, though.


I love these ones.

This is Brad telling everyone to act shorter. haha.

The reception was at this really cute city park in Rathdrum.
It was really charming.

And the kids loved playing on the playground.

Another attempt at a family photo.

Our attempt at a Carter picture. Dang-it, Jake.
Well, I didn't have my cute shoes on anyway.

 Robyn's mom, Jennifer made the cake!



The kids wanted to party too...

Sarah trying so hard to be a kid.

She loved dancing.

 Cutting the cake.

I love how Robyn is looking at Brett here.

Scarlett, the little butterball.
I love this little, round, tiny walker.

Everyone got a little crazy when Brett and Robyn's friends took over the dance floor.

 It was a blast.

Isabel danced her little socks off, and crashed hard that night.

My brother is so cute.

I'm so glad that Laurel got these pictures of the road-trip... this trip was really beautiful.

 Laurel and Jason spent a little "stalking" time in Dillon, Montana on the way home. They actually got this picture of Matt on his way into church. Crazy!


dxeechick said...

your whole fam-bam looks just smashing, dahling.

P.S. Glad your back!! I missed you & your blogging!!

Christy said...

What a beautiful wedding. You guys look so great. Love the blues and I love the stalking. I wanna do something like that on my brother's mission. I don't know if I'd be able to contain myself. :)