Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving and a Prelude to Christmas

This year was our first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I absolutely loved every second of it--even the annoying new house kinks like a bad circuit breaker that kept on shutting down our ovens. Ugh.

Luckily, the turkey was done by the time the breaker started blowing.

And luckily, our mustache-sporting, lone-turkey-eating / Firefly-watching neighbor allowed us to bake our rolls and sweet potatoes in his oven. {Yes, I did invite him over for dinner but he kindly declined.} Michelle and I had a bad giggle-bug hauling the food back and forth... Somehow, the whole ordeal made it awesome.

Even more awesome was this year's early annual "Funny Santa" gift-exchange. Some less tasteful than others-- but all hilarious.

Our table.

This was Robyn's virgin year. I think she dug it.

A picture of a high-school-aged Brett in a teeny-tiny wrestling singlet.
{Oh, and she got the singlet too.}

A pair of tighty-whities that have been passed back and forth between Brad and Brett for at least a year.

And another, more sacrilegious one for Brett.

Michelle's might have been my personal favorite... Sheet music Laurel had printed up and copyrighted of a song Michelle wrote when she was about eleven.

The classic one-hit-wonder: Joe and Moe

 Brad's was pretty rad as well.
A framed photo of Blaine mooning the camera while on LaCamas Lake last summer.
This was kind of a part II of last year's gift to Blaine. It was equally crass. And maybe more rad.

Laurel loved her little old lady gloves and Barbie calendar maybe a little too much. :)

At first, Jason was confused by the over-sized warm-up suit Blaine fanangled over a year ago.

But when he actually put it on and paired it with a puzzle of the ultimate "dream team" {minus a few pieces}.
My parents made this incredible belt buckle for Scott. He's got an affinity for big buckles and this one takes the cake.

The funniest thing about Scott's present was when Robyn jumped up to show off her own big buckle.
She is a true Country Gal.

I got the acclaimed documentary, "American Mormon". If you know why this is funny, then you know me pretty well, and who I "dated" in college. :)

Blaine got my Grandpa Kempton's {Papa} old mid-nineties laptop that I've been hiding since last January.
Check out this bad boy.

My mom got a package of Starburst and a fake "Accident Report" in celebration of the time she accidentally hit a kid in the head with a Starburst for answering a question correctly.

And finally, my Dad got the biggest bullet paperweight ever.
Which just so happens to be a live round.


Laurel said...

Happy, happy, happy! If I even attempted commenting on each detail that makes me so happy, this might wind up longer that the actual post.

But how great are your frozen-moments-in-time of Brad? :-)

LEE BIEN said...

This is a family tradition that makes my holiday season! It wouldn't be Christmas without it. Sigh. It is up there with watching White Christmas and drinking eggnog. It's perfection in 13 little packages.

Allison Hansen said...

Oh. Man. Oh. Man. I'm dying laughing. Like, at first, I was laughing. And then, I really laughed. And now, I'm like dying laughing. Funny thing is, every time I hear about energy efficiency, I think of you in college!

Markelle said...

oh man, that is pretty hilarious. I cannot even picture Blaine mooning a camera! (not that I am trying to picture his butt, but the act)